my mom needs your help!

My mom has gone through her second pair of wire "nippers", the tool she uses to cut her wire used for jewelry making.  She thinks it's because she uses the heaviest wire available in the craft store and the tool available in that same market are cheapies. Jewelry is not one of my crafts so I figured I'd ask you guys in the blog world if you had any advice on what tool/brand my mom should get? You can see a link to the tool here. Thanks so much!


  1. The ones you get at a craft store aren't made as well as ones from the hardware store. I bought a five piece set of pliers, including two pairs of nippers (end and side nippers) for less than $20 and they've lasted me for over three years. Mind you, I don't make jewelry, but I use tools for all kinds of home renovation stuff and they're still sharp as the day I bought them. Mine are "husky" brand.

  2. Is your mom using memory wire? She needs to get a pair of memory wire cutters if that's the case. I would recommend that she get wire cutters for thicker gauge wire and use the nippers for the smaller gauge.
    Hope this helps! :)

  3. If she's using such a heavy wire, she may want to consider going to the hardware store. They have tons of wire cutters for several types of wires. If she goes to a smaller hardware store, i.e. Ace, they'll be able to help her better.

  4. i wish i coul help, but i have no idea about makin jewelery..

  5. Wow, your mom is one tough cookie! I agree that hardware store ones are probably the way to go. Or a big burly man.


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