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Scre4m. Holy cow. Such an epic movie. I went to see this in theaters with Mike and my roommate Kayla who is a huge Scream fan. I love scary movies and have seen a few of the Scream movies but not all and definitely don't consider myself a Scream fanatic. Mike had never seen any of the movies. So we had a whole spectrum of viewer opinions and the end result? We LOVED it! It was just enough scary, just enough funny, and a tiny bit of cheesy to make a perfect movie. All the cast was back, and I must say Courtney Cox was looking better than ever! They even managed to work with the whole Cox-Arquette break up so that things weren't awkward! There were also some new faces in the bunch that made the movie that much better! There were so many twists in the movie. I definitely recommend you go see this movie. Whether youre a scream fanatic, just like scary movies, or have never even seen one of the movies... if you like scary movies and comedy, you'll love this movie.

Salt. I was a little concerned about this movie since it was already on Netflix within a few months of being released, but it had 4.5 stars and I've wanted to see it for a while. Mike was back home in Dayton so we called each other and pressed play at the exact same time and texted throughout [yes, we're that much of movie nerds] I can't tell you how many times I was like "Wait! They can't do that! That can't be true!" I was thrown for so many loops in this movie. Finally about 30 minutes from the end I figured it all out. I have a tendency to figure out the ending long before it ever plays out. Sometimes I bug Mike with a comment like "Totally know how it ends" or something like that, but I never give it away. Well almost never :] I'm not normally a Jolie fan but she was decent in this movie. If you have Netflix, definitely take an hour and a half to watch this. It's pretty good. I gave it 4 stars. 

I'm really behind on movies lately so expect a few more of these throughout the week :] A lot of horror movie garbage that Kayla and I have been watching. Those should probably all be thrown together because there's just not much to say haha.

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  1. i didnt watch scream 4, just not my kind of films. i didnt like previous 3 parts.. and salt? now seriously i was so happy to watch it, i thought it will be so interesting! but.. for me it wasnt.. it was an awful waste of time for me :(


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