roadtrippin' st. paul, minnesota

If you don't follow me on Twitter you probably think I've been ignoring my blog. On the contrary, my Internet has been acting up until now. But it finally seems to be doing ok, fingers crossed.

It's been a while since I've posted anything about our City Search. If you want to catch up of the process you can check it out here.

Mike and I are pretty positive we want to move to St. Paul after I graduate just by researching the city online. But just to make sure, we're taking a road trip this July. It's going to be a pretty short trip... 3-4 days max and I'm sure afterward we'd be 100% positive about our decision. I love planning and making lists so of course I already have the trip pretty much planned out except for spontaneous stops.

Oxford, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana (2 hours)
We would start super early so we could make it to St. Paul in one day. So up bright and early and off on the road by 6:00am [yikes] We'd be in Indy by 8:00 for some breakfast and to stretch a little.

Indianapolis, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois (3.5 hours)
We'd be in Chicago just in time for lunch around 12:30-1:00 and hang there for a few hours because Mike hasn't been to Chicago before and I adore it. A little walking around, snap a few pics, then off for the last and longest stretch of the trip.

Chicago, Illinois to St. Paul, Minnesota (7 hours)
If we leave Chicago by 2:00 or 3:00, we could be in St. Paul by 10:00 in just enough time to stop by Minneapolis for some bar food before crashing.
Sleep in a little then up for massive amounts of site-seeing and picture taking. We're also going to be doing some apartment hunting for nice areas, etc. Here are some places I definitely want to hit, but if anyone has any tips on other places to see, please leave me a comment and let me know! [in either St. Paul or Minneapolis]


  1. hey, found your blog on bloglovin. super cute. anyways, I lived in st. paul for 2 years and minneapolis for 1, and i don't know if you want/need advice on this potential move but if you do here it is... do NOT move to st. paul. move to minneapolis. "uptown" is where you want to be. st. paul closes down at about 6pm everyday because its the "business" twin. minneapolis is the happenin twin. there's my advice. also if you get a chance, look up a venue/club called the kitty cat klub. go on a night that the event is HIPSHAKER. i worked there and its toooooooo fun, 50's and 60's dance music and everyone is doing the twist.  plus my fav bartender/coworker works thursday nights, ricky. but all in all i love/miss minneapolis, except for the cold. have a good move!

  2. road trips are so great! i'm curious-- why st. paul? just curious as to what stood out when you researched online! :)

  3. Im live just outside of there! I remember when i suggested st paul to you on that post!!! amazing!!! you will love it!
    Ill work on getting some more spots to see for you!

  4. Wow, maybe you should be in the tour guide business!

  5. This is so awesome! I cannot wait to graduate and decide on where to move...I just love traveling!

  6. Good luck! I lived in a suburb of St. Paul for for more than 18 years! Love, love, LOVE it!! :)


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