warby parker

If you haven't heard of Warby Parker then listen up! Did you know one BILLION people don't have the ability to get glasses? I can't imagine what I'd do without glasses or contacts. I'm pretty sure I'm considered legally blind without them and I would certainly not be where I am today without them. Warby Parker is in a sense, an "eff the man" type of company. They wanted to put an end to the monopoly of overpriced eye wear while still creating boutique-quality products. By cutting out the middle man, Warby Parker is able to sell their vintage-inspired and fabulous glasses for only $95 and that includes the prescription lenses. But wait, it gets better.

For every pair of glasses purchase through the company, Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone in need. So far, they've donated over 30,000 pairs to countries in need. When I heard about this company I almost bought a pair right then and there. Unfortunately, I'm a contacts kind of girl and very rarely renew my prescription on my glasses. So when Mike decided he'd had enough of squinting at things all day, we knew exactly where to shop.

There are only a few store try-on boutiques in the country but that doesn't hinder Warby Parker from amazing customer service. The amazing thing about Warby Parker [other than there goal to save the world] is that you can try on sample glasses at home for FREE. No strings attached. You just hop online, pick five pairs you'd like to try on, give you mailing address and hit send! You do have to put in your credit card info just for security sake and in case someone decides to nab the glasses instead of sending them back. But as long as they are returned after 5 days, you won't be charged a thing!

So Mike picked out the five that he wanted to try and within the same week, they were on his doorstep. Talk about fast. They were beautifully packaged in a black box and couldn't have looked more put together.

the wiloughby                                       the griffin                                       the thompson
the sibley                                                                               the roosevelt

Since they weren't real lenses, they glared a lot which made picture taking a bit hard. But once the real prescriptions are in I'll have to take new pictures.

The grandpa-eque Griffins were hilarious and would be sweet for every now and then, but Mike will be wearing his almost daily so he needed a more practical pair. He narrowed it down to the Sibley [but in black]  and Roosevelt and I think in the end he'll be going with the Roosevelt. He hates how small his current glasses are and how he can't see things sometimes without moving his head around. That's a huge reason I don't wear glasses in the first place, though the next time I need to change my prescription because it's just too blurry, I'll definitely be choosing Warby Parker :]

Check out their awesome styles of glasses here


  1. wow, i didnt hear about this company here.. i had a super perfect vision.. but now, because of (probably sewing, stitching etc.) it got worse. I see only everything close haha;d I hope it gets better when I start to go out thanks to good weather. but I wouldnt mind wearing glasses, so many beautiful pairs you can buy! you picked really nice ones, my favourite from the 5 pairs you picked are: the griffin and the roosevelt!


  2. I love them. If my head weren't so small (anything bigger than 45mm looks ridiculous on me) I would totally try them out!!!


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