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This weekend's DIY tutorial comes from Megan of The Crafty CPA again. This time she's here to show you how to create some party light garland! How cute! Make sure to head over to her blog and send her some love!

Create your own string of lights for your next party.

You will need: 
Eight 3" X 5" rectangles of fabric
Three yards of ribbon
Black Sharpie marker
Ink Pads

To Make:
1.  Iron fabric rectangles with starch to give them a little stiffness.
2.  Print the party light pattern below.

3.  Trace party light pattern onto each fabric rectangle using a black Sharpie marker.  Use a lightbox or a sunny window to make tracing easier.

4.  Brush the edge of a colored ink pad directly on the fabric to give each light a colored "glow".

5.  Sew lights to ribbon.  Start sewing two feet from the end of the ribbon.  Leave five inches between each light.

6.  Hang and enjoy your party!


  1. Amazing tutorial! The design's so adorable. i'd quite like to feature you in my Getting To Know Your Favourite Blogs posts if you're interested? S'just a few fun questions linked directly back to your blog so both of our readers can learn more about you :)



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