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I don't know about everyone else, but I loooove my sharpies. My everyday writing utensil is a fine point sharpie and when it comes to doodling, my stash of sharpies is my go-to. This week, I have the the lovely Megan of The Craft CPA here to show us a totally rad tutorial for holding all those sharpies you have laying around. Did you know that storing your sharpies and other markers in a cup or vertically makes them dry out faster? Just some crafty pointers from my Mom right there :] Anyways, this is the perfect way to keep your sharpies organized without drying them out!

Be sure to check out Megan's blog for some more craftiness after reading this awesome tutorial!

I adore my Sharpies.  I use Sharpies in my studio.  I use Sharpie pens at work.  Since I can't get enough of Sharpies I decided to make a bag to contain them all.

I used a lightbox to trace my drawings onto the fabric (printables below).

I filled the back of the bag with random doodles. I used this book for ideas.

Sharpie bag front printable

Sharpie bag back doodle printable

Sharpie bag alternate back printable (give as a gift filled with Sharpies and let the recipient doodle their own design)

I've never put a zipper in a bag before in my life, I followed this tutorial. It worked out OK. I still need to perfect more square corners on the zipper side. I bought three zippers for this project and only went through two, so that's pretty good in my book. My bag measurements are 8.5 inches by five inches.

Now my Sharpies have the beautiful bag they deserve!


  1. so cute! really like that idea!

  2. Very cute bag, I wouldn't mind having one of those! Excellent tutorial!

  3. Super cute idea! I love it. And I agree... I heart my Sharpies too!

  4. i won sharpie about half a year ago, just few but im in love with them from that time.. unfortunately i cant buy them ANYWHERE here where i live.. ehh! your sharpie bag is beautiful! perfect for sharpies, just perfect!


    ps. im organising a candy, id be pleased if you want to join it!

  5. This couldn't have come at a better time because I'm just considering how to add bags to my line of products! Thank you! I'm going to check out the zipper tutorial because I've never sewn a zipper before either!


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