a day at the beach...

How was your holiday weekend U.S. residents? I don't usually celebrate Memorial Day weekend really. I was always just excited to have no school. Mike had to work unfortunately, but he did get holiday pay and time and a half so can't complain too much :] It was such a nice day here so Kayla and I decided to drive to the beach. You're probably thinking... wait, there are no beaches around Ohio. Well you would be partially right. No, we didn't go to the ocean. But we did take a short drive over the border to Indiana to go to Brookville Lake's beach.

It's a very short drive from Oxford to the Indiana border. It's not marked by any signs but you can definitely tell when you cross it. The lines on the road disappear and the road goes from the normal width to about 8 feet. Passing large cars is definitely quite the task. The drive is so beautiful though.

The beach was packed but we were able to find a nice spot in the sand to spread our towels out. I threw on my SPF 100 and we watched the waves roll in from the boats and jet skies.

After several hours we got hot and tired of the sun so we headed to Ainsley's Cafe for some food and a nice view. We both got seafood to keep the spirit of the day and enjoyed a frozen drink. The view was so pretty and with a slight breeze, the day was perfect under an umbrella

We could overhear these two older couples' conversation beside us throughout our meal and got the impression they were quite wealthy. Not surprisingly, they left in two really nice vintage cars [Mike is probably shaking his head at the fact that I can't tell you what kind of cars they are but oh well]

All in all it was a really fun day. We'll definitely have to go back. On our list of things to do this summer is canoeing, camping, more beach time, and a few days at the Oxford pool. How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Wow!  It looks so pretty there!  I love to see pictures of other cities.  thanks for sharing!  :)

  2. i am soo jealous of your day at the beach! today it is raining, ugh! looks like you had an awesome time!


  3. Looks like you had a good time! I love these pictures :)

  4. Oooh - looks like a lovely sunny day off! :) Awesome!

  5. Love your blog :) Happy I found it!


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