DIY | Scalloped Bow Belt

Hello! My lovely featured sponsor, Tera from Tera Sue is here to show us a crafty little tutorial for making your very own scalloped bow belt. Take it away Tera!!!
For this how-to you will need the following:
Needle and thread and a sewing machine
A clasp (I used one from an old bra I don't wear anymore)
Faux leather or felt

Step 1: measure your waste where you want your belt to sit. I just wrapped a string around my waste and measured that with a ruler.

Step 2: Decide how thick you want your belt to be and cut a rectangular piece of your faux leather or felt (or any non fray fabric will do).

Step 3: Grab a cup, a spool of rope, or anything with a round shape that you can trace for your scalloped edge. Flip your rectangular strip to the wrong side of the fabric and trace half of the object to make a semi-circle. Continue this step until you have scallops traced along the length of your belt.

Step 4: The easiest way to cut your scallops is paper heart style; fold your belt in half long ways with right sides facing each other and cut along your lines.

Step 5: Now that you have the shape of your scalloped belt you can either use the same faux leather material for this step or choose contrasting fabric. I chose this floral cotton pattern I had lying around to zazz it up a bit. Using the same measurements as your scalloped piece, cut another rectangular shape.

Step 6: Fold your accent material in half with right sides together and stitch along edge. Flip right side out and press with the seam at the center. Pin your strip to the scalloped piece with seam side down. I made two stitches along the top and bottom to secure the strip on.

Step 7: Now here's where my hoarding came in handy. I used an old bra that was missing a strap. Why I didn't throw it away a long time ago? Who knows, but I'm glad I didn't! They sell all kinds of clasps and buttons and snaps at fabric stores if you don't have an old bra lying around. In this step it's important that you wrap your belt around your waist and mark where your clasp should go so you won't make your belt too tight or too loose. Once you've done this, stitch them to the ends of your belt.

Step 8: Now it's time to embellish! I decided to make a bow, but you can do a rosette, use a cute pin or brooch, or come up with your own design.

Step 9: To make the bow I cut a 14.5"X11" piece of faux leather. (assuming some of you don't know how to make bows already) Fold this piece in half long ways with right sides together and stitch along edge. Flip right side out and center your seam. * Fold each side in toward the middle so that the open ends meet in the center and stitch in place. Normally I overlap these open ends, but because I was using such a thick material I left room in the center so it would be easier to shape the bow later.

Step 10: Shape your bow by pinching the center. I like to hand stitch this in place, but you don't have to. To make the knot fold piece in half right sides together, flip right side out, and center seam. Wrap your knot around the center of your bow and hand stitch in place.

Step 11: Hand stitch your bow to your belt so that it covers the clasp.

Step 12 (optional): At this point if you would like to give your belt a more finished look you can glue a piece of fabric wrong sides together to the back of your belt to hide the stitches.

Step 13: Find an outfit to accessorize with your new creation!

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