june sponsor call!!!

I didn't really think May would fly by so quickly once school was over with. But just like all the other months, it's come and gone in a flash :( I'm very sad to see May go, a lot of fun things have happened, but it's time to prepare for a new month full of many new exciting things! It's also time to announce spots for June and tell you how things are changing around here!

Crafted Love now offers a new, bigger size for the same price as before! I've been getting tons of inquiries about advertising but with a full time job and going to school during the summer, I wasn't able to accept all the requests. I've changed up a few things so that I can now start accepting more sponsors :]
What used to be the "large" sponsor spot is now "medium" but the same size, only cheaper! You can opt to save a few bucks or go for a bigger and more prominent size! The choice is up to you!

note: if you have already purchased a future ad and paid $10 for a medium ad, you will be bumped up to the larger size :]

The extra large, featured spots have been reserved until July so if you'd like to reserve a spot, do so soon! They are filling up two months in advance it seems!

If you'd like to reserve a spot or want to know current stats of Crafted Love you can visit my Sponsor Page or email me at info[at]craftedlove.com

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