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I've got a great group of ladies here this month and I want you to meet them! There are a few new faces in the bunch and a few return sponsors as well. This month, I tried something a little different and asked them each to answer three questions... what's a song they have stuck in their head lately, what's their all time favorite movie, and what's a goal they have for themselves or their blog this month. Let's see what they answered and see if we can help them out with their goals perhaps...

No Mark At All is the endeavor of Rachell Taylor, a young photographer living just south of Seattle. Her love of The Pacific Northwest, food, and all things over looked inspire her every shot. Her blog of the same name is a mix of personal, business, and a helping hand, promoting other Etsy Shops and small business owners with lots of talent.
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I have always been a creative person, but struggled to make sure I did something creative often. I started Polka Dots are Love as a way to hold myself accountable for being creative every day. My blog follows me
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Hi I’m Kristy. I developed a passion for photography walking the hallways of my high school with a Canon 35mm. I snapped countless photos for yearbook and spent hours experimenting in the dark room. I studied in a portrait studio with a great mentor in an internship during my senior year. From there I majored in Photography at Western Illinois University.
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Rouge & Whimsy is a shop filled with creative, fun accessories. I've loved creating things as long as I can remember and having my own shop has been a dream of mine for awhile! 
I'm Amber. I'm a mommy of two. Third is a growin. I live in Alaska-it's where Uncle Sam sent us. Military wife. I have tattoos and piercings and I pretty much am just awesome. Haha.
I'm Ashley, new mom to a sweet baby boy. My partner and I just purchased our first home. Join us at The Darling Machine and read about our adventures in DIY, thrifting, and daily life.

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  1. I LOVE your blog and your diy ideas.  I particularly enjoyed viewing your friends/sponsors and their songs, movies etc.  I have been a crafting-artistic-creative soul ever since I could hold a pencil, crayon, camera etc.  I have a ,messy craft studio and a minimum of 25 WIP to prove it :)  I can totally relate to so many of the comments about to-do lists and getting organized and completing projects that have been started.  Keep those creative juices flowing ladies.  I can't wait to visit all your web-sites blogs or etsy shops :) !


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