an odd combination...

Yes, a very odd combination, but the only way I could convince Mike to watch Tangled with me. We jumped on the couch for a night of movies and hit PLAY...

Tangled. All I can say is..... "BEST DAY EVEEEEERRR" haha if you haven't seen the movie, that's one of my favorite lines from it. I've now added it to my daily vocabulary. This movie was absolutely adorable. I must say, the guy in the movie was pretty dashing too :] My favorite character was the little chameleon. Sooooo cute! I just wanted to squeeze him!!! I've never really read the real Rapunzel fairytale so I only knew the gist of it but the storyline of the movie was really good. I'm currently taking a summer class about German folklore and fairy tales so it was fun to analyze the story as we went. Definitely a must see my friends. Disney has done it again.


Facepalm. That is all I have to say about this movie. If I had a dime for every time I smacked myself in the face for horrible acting, well, let's just say I'd have a lot of dimes. As a disclaimer, I love most "guy" movies. Whether it be war movies, gory movies, or sports movies, you can't play off my being a girl as the reason I didn't like this movie. This is a movie where people say it's supposed to be stupid with stupid acting but I don't buy it. Movies like Army of Darkness and Evil Dead, those are movies that are supposed to be stupid. Machete was just full of horrible acting and equally horrible one-liners. Towards the end, I just couldn't take it anymore. Oh, and the cherry on top? Lindsay Lohan is in it and becomes a nun. Check please. The only saving grace for me was Robert DeNiro. He was actually funny. Now, Mike loved the movie so maybe there really is a movie out there that you really just need to be a guy to enjoy. All I can say is, unless you just want to torture yourself for 2 hours, I don't suggest watching this one.


  1. yes a strange combo! oh  man i really liked machete! it was horrible acting but i think that was the point and so i just let it cheesy but everyone needs a cheesy  guy movie! hehe

    i need to see tangled still! going to see my little niece this weekend so i am sure i will!


  2. I got through about 30 seconds of machete and shut it boyfriend had told me how awesome it was, and hilarious. All I could see was "STUPID", so we're on the same page.


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