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The venue we wanted is going to work out!!! Mike and I went up to Yellow Springs early this week to meet with the venue coordinator and we fell in love! The place is going to be perfect!!! Check it out....

We're getting married at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve!!!! It's so beautiful there and we can't imagine getting married anywhere but Yellow Springs. We chose the Glen Helen Atrium and Auditorium space which we were a little worried would be too small for our group. But after visiting, we are sure this is the perfect place for our wedding. What's even better? We can have both our ceremony AND reception there! I couldn't be more excited.

Sorry for the pixelated photos, they were pretty small on the website. But just so you get a feel of the space... the main room is an auditorium like space with a pull down projector screen [for embarrassing baby photos of course] and a hidden stage behind the screen. There is a beautiful atrium space where local artwork is exhibited. I love the garden island in the middle. Finally, there is a whole outdoor patio space that is absolutely amazing.

I am absolutely in love with this place. It's perfect for our theme too. Honestly, I'm not sure we even need to decorate much but that won't stop me from going craft-crazy :]

Now, don't get any ideas about our set up from these photos, because once again, we aren't looking for a traditional wedding by any means. We would have the ceremony in the auditorium space but we don't want the typical rows of chairs.

But, it's a little early for major plans so for now, we're just getting major things set like venues and vendors, etc. We still need to go back with our parents for one last look and then need to put the deposit down but we're set on Glen Helen. Soooooo.... now that we have the venue set... would you like to know the date????
It's a little over a year away so we better get to planning! Why August 11th? Well it just so happens it's the date of our first trip to Yellow Springs and our first date :] How perfect is that? Exactly 4 years from the first time we went to Y.S. we'll be returning to tie the knot <3


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I could not be more excited for you!

  2. awwww I LOVE the sentimental value of the location and the 4 years to date.  How luck are you that it landed on a weekend!!! Congrats again love and good luck with the planning~! :)

  3. congratulations!!! all the best :)

  4. That's my birthday :) Beautiful place! xo.

  5. This is so cute! Congratulations!

  6. how exciting! it is going to be super beautiful!! a great location!


  7. I love the location! I can't wait to see all the photos

    Claire M.

  8. Are you talking about Yellow Springs in Ohio??


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