a sunny bike ride

Mike and I finally got to ride our bikes this weekend! It was so nice and sunny out. It was a blast and I can't wait to take them out again soon.

We originally planned to take the bikes to Houston Woods and go on the trails, but Mike's back brake was causing some problems so we figured it wasn't the best idea. So we took a short ride to Uptown Oxford where there was a small festival going on. And I mean small. There weren't many people out surprisingly and a few bands were playing the blues for charity. It was nice to sit at a bench and just relax to.

We also planned to go the the Reds game that night but astonishingly enough, the game was a sell out! We've never had to buy tickets before hand but with the weather and the Reds' decent season so far, I guess everyone wanted to go as well. So we settled for a fun night in Oxford instead which was equally as entertaining :]

Today marks the first day of May! 10 days until my birthday! How crazy! I'm just writing a paper and working on one last school project for finals week and loving the lack of stress I'm feeling. At some point I'll head to the gym for a nice workout and then who knows what :] Hope you're having a great day! Happy May!


  1. fun! i sure wish it was sunny & warm here, instead of me waking yesterday up to snow!

  2. Isn't a bike ride the best? It feels soooo good. :) It's cold and rainy here today, but maybe later this week I'll get to ride my bike too. :)

  3. I wish my brother didn't leave my bike with someone from his old college...and that my parents would make him buy me a new one, haha. I've been dying to go on a bike ride


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