a trip to yellow springs and a huge surprise...

Mike took off my whole birthday week so we could hang out and he could help me move into my new house. Wednesday we planned to go to our favorite place [and where we had our first date] Yellow Springs to hang out and snap a few pictures. Unfortunately we forgot the tripod in Oxford and after moving into my new house I was in no mood to go back. So we had to postpone the trip until yesterday when we could go back and get the tripod.

When we got there we walked around for a bit and then went to Peaches Grille for some lunch. No matter how many times I've been to YS, I always find some sort of new art that I haven't seen before. These hands on sticks were a little odd but still pretty cool.

I just love all the street art in Yellow Springs. I love coming and wish we did it more. After lunch we drove to one of the many parks and Mike told me to pick where to take some coupley pictures. I saw this area where a tree had been chopped down and cut up and thought it would be a cool place to take the pictures.

Mike went to the tripod and started moving it around which got me a little antsy and aggravated because I was tired of standing in the sun [me and the sun don't get along so well] so I kept telling him it was fine where I had put it and to get over here so we could take the pictures and find some shade.
He finally got the tripod to his liking and walked over. I was not amused that he was taking pictures as he walked over to me... and then it happened.....

MIKE PROPOSED!!!! I honestly didn't see it coming at all! I didn't know what hit me when I saw him getting down on one knee. I thought he was picking something up off the ground honestly. It was such a brilliant proposal. Taking pictures is something I always do so I wasn't expecting anything because nothing was out of the norm. AND he got it all on camera so I could post it on here! My man knows me well :]

We were all alone in this little park so I wasn't embarrassed about being surrounded by people. It was perfect. I was so stunned I actually forgot to answer him! I already had the ring on when he said "So? What's your answer???" I was soooo excited! I am so excited!!

We hugged lots and then began the massive amounts of phone calls to family and friends. We spent the rest of the night celebrating with his family, my family and then my friends in Oxford. It was such a fun night.

The ring is absolutely perfect. I couldn't be happier. He chose it all on his own too! I told him I didn't want a typical diamond and would love a black diamond ring. The rest was all him! It's so cute and simple which is perfect for my style and personality. It's not flashy at all and I keep staring at my hand.

It's so weird being engaged. It all still feels like a dream. I'm engaged! AH! Now I have to start thinking about wedding plans! It's all so exciting! You'll probably be seeing some wedding inspiration posts here and there while we plan for our big day!!!

I'm sure Mike will be on here in the next few days to tell his side of the story because there are just parts I can't remember. I don't even remember what he said to me as he was proposing. I was just in awe staring down at him!


  1.  Oh my gosh congratulations!!! :D!!! :D

  2. Congratulations! Happy for you! :D

  3. Oh how exciting!  Congratulations on your engagement!


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