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I doubt there will be too many of these posts this early in our engagement but I figured I might as well blog about some things Mike and I already have planned. We've set the date, but I don't want to announce that until we have booked the venues and everything is set in stone. Sooooo for now, here is the general direction we're going with things...

Our main color is Plum, it's always been one of our favorites :] Our Christmas tree that we bought is white and has plum ornaments on it. I like that it's not girly but not boyish either.

We really want to have an outdoor reception [or at least partially outdoors] with the theme of rustic picnic with a little bit of rock 'n roll :] So the complimentary colors just seemed to work really well with the Plum.

[photos found via pinterest]

We're really not looking to spend a whole lot of money on the wedding. I can't really understand why so much money is spent on one day when it could be spent on your house or savings. We've got the guest list pretty much set and it's going to be a pretty small wedding compared to the typical 250-500 long guest lists I've seen these days. We really just want to spend the day with our closest friends and family and have one big dance party :]

I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I say that I want everything to be handmade :] I realize this might cause a little bit of ciaos towards the big day but I can't imagine paying someone else do what I know I can do exactly the way I want. Yes, that means invites, programs, decorations, desserts, plans, and even bridal accessories all done by me [of course with some help]

I don't like cake, so we were thinking more of a dessert table, and I don't like fresh cut flowers [at all] so there will not be a single cut flower in our wedding :] Are you getting the feeling this is definitely not a traditional wedding? Just wait till you hear the rest of our plans :]

So, on the checklist for this summer: nail down venues for the wedding, take engagement photos with the lovely Melanie Reller, plan and design invites for the engagement party, HAVE FUN BEING ENGAGED!!!


  1. This is fantastic! Those are my colors for my wedding too! And we're also doing ours outside with a picnic! wedding planning is super stressful but can be fun.  Do you follow Offbeat Bride? I recommend joining the tribe as well, such a great resource! :)

  2.  my favorite diy wedding:

  3. Such pretty colors! Good luck with everything! I know you can do it!


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