Weekend DIY | Decoupage Mannequin Head

Hello lovelies! I've got a fun little tutorial for you today that is sure to brighten up any room in your house and possibly provide some sort of organization to your hectic lives! I've done this project before but never documented the steps. So I was happy to start from scratch and made this one for my roommate! Here's what you'll need...

All you'll need for this project is a mannequin head form, different kinds of decorative paper, a wooden base slightly larger than the mannequin neck, a few foam brushes that you won't mind throwing away afterward, matching acrylic paint and some Mod Podge [hint: if you don't feel like spending $7 of a small thing of Mod Podge, mix a little bit of water with some Elmers glue and you have homemade Mod Podge!] This is a project that might require some patience so it's best to spread out over a day or two.

Start by ripping small pieces of your decorative paper. Keep them around an inch in size but later on you might need to rip smaller pieces. It's much easier to rip before hand rather than fight with drying glue and sticky fingers later.

I like to start from the top and work my way down and around. Take some of the glue and wet a small patch of the mannequin form.

Lay down a few pieces of the paper and glue over top of them again, making sure the paper lays down smooth and flat.

Once you get the hang of piecing the paper and gluing it down you'll find that you can do larger patches at a time. Go at your own pace, it's the creating that's the most fun process!

It gets a little tricky when you get to the point of covering the face. All those bumps and grooves [i.e. the nose, mouth, and eyes] make this a little difficult. But don't worry! If you use much smaller pieces it will work a lot easier.

Covering the face will take a little longer than just patching the rest of the head but once you're done the rest will be super easy.

Once you've covered all of the head down to the neck, go over all the paper once more with the glue/mod podge. Make sure there aren't any little paper edges sticking up. Once the glue dries and hardens it will be almost impossible to get the paper to lay flat. Now is a good stopping point because it will be much easier to finish when the top part dries and you can handle it.

Now grab your wood base. Depending on the paint you chose, you might need a few coats for it to look nice. Now is a good time to do a first coat so it can dry with the mannequin. Don't worry about painting the bottom, you will never see it. Let it dry on a scrap piece of paper and out of the way. 

So go grab some coffer, go out to dinner with some friends, or just catch up on all those blogs of yours :] The glue will take several hours to dry so just relax and give it some time.

After the top part is completely dry it's time to start on the neck. When I wasn't holding the mannequin form I had it propped up on the cap of the mod podge. When it comes to the curve under the chin, it's easiest to use small thin pieces again. Follow the same instructions as when you were doing the top of the form.

Wrap the paper slightly around the bottom just so you don't see ant foam at the end of the project.


Once it's all covered, prop it up on something to dry. As you can see, I used a cup. Now is a good time to do any final coats to your base if need be. Once again, go relax and let it dry for several hours :]

Once everything is dry, use hot glue to connect the mannequin form to the wood base. Place it somewhere so it can decorate your room or even use it to display, sunglasses, wigs, hats or headphones! Enjoy!


  1. Love this idea, my mannequin is currently so plain. Going to dress it up! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this! it looks so great and it looks like so much fun to create! This would be a fun project for my daughter and I! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Very cool DIY! I love the use of scrapbook paper.

  4. I LOOOVE this! So cute! Love your blog by the way!

  5. I really like your project and your site.

  6. Hi! I definitely want to try this. Where did you buy your wood base? I found the foam mannequin on Amazon.

  7. Could you also provide me with the length/diameter of the wood base? I'm trying to order everything online and I don't want to end up ordering the wrong sizes :)


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