weekend shenanigans

This weekend my housemate, Kayla and I found out there was an Art + Wine festival going on uptown in Oxford. I've never really been a big fan of wine but I do love art so we threw on our sandals and ran uptown.

Well it turns out I never really even gave wine a chance because I liked almost every wine I tried. Well that discovery made me feel waaaaay to mature so I needed to go do something reckless and teenager-like....

Ok, so sitting in a baby pool in my driveway isn't really reckless. But it definitely made me feel like the young 20-something that I am :] It was a little too cold to actually sit in the pool so we popped up our camp chairs and just put our feet in. Best. Day. Ever.


  1.  wow looks like you had such a fun weekend! The Art + Wine festival looks like so much fun! We need one of those around here.

  2. Awh! IT sounds like y'all had a really amazing time! Yay!

  3. I haven't used a wading pool in ages - you're giving me some very good themed-party ideas ;)

  4. Natalie Marie TracyJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:03 AM

    I have never had a pool! AND i do this all the time. I love baby pools! I love your blog! I am so excited I found it today! I cant wait to go back and read your older post. I would be honored is you would stop by mine and tell me what you think.

    thank you '


  5. wow this is really cool :) im glad you had such a great weekend!!! :) :) looks a bit cold for the pool, no? it is up here in cov anyway.x

  6. sorry for being a numpty haha, i love your blog and so i read and read and realised you werent talking about oxford in the uk. why do americans do this!!! haha, joking :) take care x

  7. Haha!  I remember when I was young I thought drinking wine was so classy.  All my aunts would drink wine and it looked so grown up.  As soon as I turned 21 my friends and I went  to a bunch of wine festivals and even on a wine trail in Virginia.  I do love wine but I pretty much only drink it on special occasions, I stick to beer for the most part!


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