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Hello! My name is Krista, and I am the artist behind the blog, Saturated Canary. I also have an Etsy shop called Saturated Canary Art. I am so excited to sponsor Crafted Love this month! I love this blog—it’s so nice to see a young, talented girl appreciate and share in the crafty world! Allison has a really great place here, and I’m stoked to be a part of it for June!

For my tutorial, I am choosing to share a DIY gift bag. I L.O.V.E. these babies—and they are super, duper easy! They are a great way to make your gift presentation look really thought out...And you can literally do this with a couple pieces of cardstock! The supplies to make the bag are listed below. I also used a stamp I designed for Sugar Nellie, a small Scottish stamp company that produces my artwork in rubber. (I used a digital version—but that’s a perk of being the artist) Anyway, you can find a bunch of my designs just waiting to be colored in here. (If you aren’t much of a color-er, embellish the bag with whatever you like!...That’s the fun of it!!) Here are some bags I’ve made for graduation gifts, my daughter’s Narnia birthday treat bags (Narnia party stuff is not exactly easy to find:), and a bag for a giveaway gift (stay tuned;).

In this project, I am making a gift bag for a bridal shower I’m invited to this month. The girl (my hubby’s cousin) is super pretty and seems kinda girly, so I went with pinks, hearts, and big pretty bows.

     1 sheet of cardstock measuring 6.5”x 11” (for this bag, I used 9”x 11” bc I wanted it a little taller)
     1 piece of cardstock 4.5” x 4.5”
     1 or 2 (depending on your preference for a border) piece(s) of cardstock 2” x 11”
     Adhesive sheet, cut to fit base and bag side
     Ribbon for closing your bag
     Embellishments of your choice☺...I used a stamp and ribbon to make a sweet tag

     Scoring tool
     Hole punch

Here are the easy steps to creating your bag...

1. Score your 4.5” by 4.5” cardstock at an inch on all four sides.
2. Score from the intersection points out to the corners.
3. Fold along score lines.
4. Cut small pieces of adhesive and place two strips on each corner to hold corners together and against the box. (Now you’ve got your base!!)

5. Place two adhesive strips around the entire box. This will hold your cardstock bag onto the base.
6. Place an adhesive strip down one side of your 6.5” x 11” cardstock, along the 6.5” side.
7. Wrap the bag around the base. Adhere the sides of the bag together when they meet.
8. If you’d like the extra support, place one staple half way down your bag, holding the two sides together a little better.
9. Place adhesive strips on border(s) lengthwise. Wrap around the base of your bag.

10. Hole punch two holes into top of bag for ribbon. (Or, if you’d like to add handles, check out this similar tutorial. )

11. Tie tag onto bag with a big bow. 

12. Finish by adding embellishments to your gift bag. Make it look pretty!!

That’s it! Next time you want a themed gift bag...and you are standing in the store isle at a loss...
you needn’t give up on your hopes☺. Just make it yourself! These DIY gift bags are great for kids treat bags, small gifts, teacher’s gifts, candy treats during the holidays...anything really!:)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’d love if you would stop over to my blog and introduce yourself! 

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Xo, Krista

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