an end to our search...

Thank you so much to everyone who suggested a photographer to look into! Well, we finally found our photographers!!!! Meet Mike and Bredt of Shutterhead Studios...


We think they are pretty rad :] After weeks and weeks of searching for the right wedding photographers, a family friend suggested we take a look at Shutterhead Studios. Mike and I really liked their photography style and when we saw ^this^ photo of Mike and Bredt we knew they had to be pretty sweet :]

They are a photography duo out of Columbus, Ohio so we road tripped it up there to meet them for some drinks and pizza [which, by the way, was insanely yummy] After the first five minutes we were already sold. We had so much fun with them and it looks like we snagged them up just in time because they are now featured photographers on the Knot!

Mike and Bredt, if you're reading this, we are crazy excited and can't wait for August 2012 to get here :] Everyone, definitely go check out their website or Facebook page and see what's in store for our wedding!!!

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  1. Oh My gosh, so I am SOOO behind on blog reading, but I finally came back to you to look specifically for this post.  I'm SOOO happy you found a photographer (photographers!) and they look like SOOOO much fun.  I'm off to stalk them!
    Talk soon?


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