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I've had a few readers ask me how I get that "collage" look to my pictures in past posts like this and this. Well since I'm in graphic design I have the whole Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop which is where I edit and collage my pictures for blog posts. Photoshop can run anywhere from $300 to $1,000 if you aren't a student so I don't recommend you buy it unless you are really serious about photo editing and graphic design.

Before I had photoshop, though, I was a huge picnik nerd. I would edit all my photos on there and spruce them up with fun effects. So I'm going to show you an super easy alternate to emptying your wallet for photoshop software.

First things first, open up Picnik on your browser by going to picnik[dot]com. You'll see a nice little welcome screen so click Get Started Now to start your collage!

Up near the top it gives you some options [upload, collage, print, show] choose the collage option.

Once in the collage section, you'll notice that you have a few selections of collage layouts. With the free picnik account, you are limited to very simple layouts. If you end up loving picnik, it might be worth paying the small fee to upgrade to the premium account where you get tons more options on everything.

For this collage, I chose a layout where the proportions of the two pictures were different. You can change how much of one picture shows with the "proportions" option in the tab to the left. You can also change the spacing between pictures, curve the edges, and make the photos appear crooked even.

I changed up the proportions a little bit and then uploaded my first photo in the bottom tab. Drag it into the space you want it to go and then adjust how you want it in the space.

Upload your second photo to the upload tab. If you register for a free account you are able to upload up to five photos at a time. I don't use picnik much so I just uploaded one at a time.

If you want the collage to look like the ones on my blog, change the background to white [assuming your blog background is white] Then click "Done" otherwise it won't save what you've done thus far!

Jump over to the "Save and Share" tab at the top and name your file. You can choose the size you want and the quality. I chose to leave it at the default. Click "Save Photo" and you're done!!!

Now just head over to your blog and upload the photo you saved...

Ta-Da!!! You now have a fancy looking collage. Change up the proportions for your next one and you'll have a very impressive looking post to share!

Curious as to what these photos are of? Well I'll  be posting about them asap so check back!


  1. I can't afford fancy photo editing software so I used to just use Picasa for really basic photo editing and collages.  Recently I started using Picnik and I love it!  You can do a lot more with your pictures using Picnik...and it's super fun to play around with it.  It's nice to know that there are programs out there for people who don't have a lot of money to spend.  I'm very excited to try more fun stuff this week.  :-)

  2. I've been using Picnik these days as well (Photoshop is just wayyy over my budget) and because I use it fairly often, I decided to subscribe to it. I was using Photoscape before but once I got my mac, I had to find another substitute. I think what's great about Picnik is that you can use it virtually anywhere and it has so many options =)

  3. I l-o-v-e Picnik!!! I had Photoshop 7 forever, but changed to a brand new computer and couldn't find my disk. Boo. I'll probably reorder Photoshop at some point, but for now, Picnik does just fine!!!

  4. Omg! Thank you so much for sharing this link! I love you for this!


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