our trip to Louisville, Kentucky [long overdue]

I realized yesterday that I never showed picture from our trip to Louisville, Kentucky! Fail! My summer has been a lot more hectic than I'm used to so my blog has been feeling a little neglected :( But this week marks the last week of my summer class so I will soon be able to get back into a more normal schedule when I only have work to deal with.
But for now, let me show you about our super fun time in the lovely Louisville, Kentucky... I gave you a tiny sneak peek with yesterday's photo collage tutorial but here's the rest of the fun from our weekend at Fourth Street Live!

We stayed at the Seelbach Hotel which was really pretty and elegant inside. It was also right on Fourth Street and literally 5 steps away from all the fun. Obviously Mike was really excited about our room :]

The picture on the left was take from standing at the door of our hotel. Told you we were close :] Fourth Street Live is year round and most of it is covered by this fancy schmancy roofing system. I couldn't wait to explore.

First we went to see Greg Hahn do stand up which was hilarious. At first I wasn't sure if I'd like him. His whole signature is that he has some form of ADHD and just can't stop talking/moving around. He's actually a really funny guy. Our stomachs were hurting afterward for sure. The second stop in the night was to one of the bars that has dueling pianos [my fave] WE stayed there for quite a while before heading to somewhere else for some food. One bar had deviled eggs as an appetizer. They were soooooo good, and such an odd thing to see on a menu! We went to a few more bars before ending at a very country-style bar at the end of the night. This bar happened to have a mechanical bull. And of course I had to try that out. I was actually insanely good at it, surprisingly. Those summers of horseback riding apparently paid off because the guy finally had to crank it up to throw me off. It was a lot of fun but I definitely walked away with rug burns on my knees :]

The next day Mike and I walked around the city and just took in the scenery. The architecture was really beautiful and had tons of character. We stopped in at the 21c Hotel where the lobby is a modern art museum. They had some pretty interesting artwork on display. After walking around for a while, our favorite piece was this bench that sat in front of a camera. It showed you on the screen with letters falling around you. You could even catch them to make words. It reminded me of my brother's Xbox Kinect :]

To end the day we had to stop at the Louisville Slugger Museum. My family is obsessed with baseball and I still remember feeling all cool with my Louisville Slugger bat way back when. You really can't miss the museum with it's huge bat statue leaning against the building. Inside looked as if you were walking in between buildings outside. The architecture of the connecting buildings was brilliant for a baseball museum. We checked out the Slugger Factory and then of course had some fun in the batting cages with famous Louisville Slugger Bats like the one Brandon Phillips of the Reds uses.

Before heading back out on the road we hit up the gift shop. For years now, I have kept a miniature Louisville Slugger bat by my bed in case someone decided to cause some trouble in the neighborhood :] Not that it would really do me much good in a sticky situation, it just made me feel somewhat prepared. Well I thought it was time to upgrade so Mike and I bought a genuine 32" Slugger and had it engraved. It now resides at my bedside and makes me sleep better at night knowing I could actually do some damage with this one :]

All in all it was a great trip. I really enjoyed the city and the drive was only 2 hours so it was a nice one night trip. I would definitely do it again.

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  1. looks like a fun trip :) i adore your blog, i'm a new follower (:
    xo http://memoriesfromwonderland.blogspot.com

  2. looks like you had tons of fun!!!! i am so bad at taking pictures when i go out of town. i just went to colorado with my boyfriend to introduce him to family and only got like 3 pictures on my iphone... i need to get better!!

    ♥ allister bee blog


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