popping the question...

No, not that question... obviously Mike already proposed and I said yes :] I'm talking about asking my bridesmaids!!! I knew I wanted to ask them all in a cute way that they would all remember so I got to brainstorming. Finally, I decided on the perfect way...

Each bridesmaid got one of these little cupcakes that I made from fabrics that match our wedding colors. The little green flowers I made and attached really made the cupcakes perfect. They were so cute I didn't want to give them away!

Add a little tag saying "You're so sweet..." with coordinating papers and hand them to each maid...

Obviously one said "Will you be my maid of honor?" instead but this ended up being a huge hit. I really wanted something they might be able to use even after the wedding. This little guy can be used to hold jewelry, trinkets, or even just sit on a desk and look cute and yummy. I'm really happy about these little cupcakes and ever happier and excited that each of my bridesmaids said yes!!!

One of my bridesmaids who goes to school with me was home for the summer so I ended up having to mail her cupcake. The postal service decided to take forever in delivering the package which made me really antsy. But, she finally got it and even snapped these photos so I could post them on here [do my friends know me or what?]

Now, since we're having somewhat of an offbeat wedding, it seemed only natural to have a nontraditional wedding party as well. I actually asked my best guy friend to stand on my side as a bridesMAN for the wedding. A dainty cupcake really just didn't seem to fit his personality :] so I decided to go with more of a gag gift and got him this...

Everything he needs to know in order to be the perfect bridesman :] Obviously I don't expect him to read any of it because I'm sure 75% of it is over the top and annoying. But it definitely got some laughs.

Now that the wedding party is figured out I think it's time we start planning an engagement party. So much to do!


  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. What a great idea for asking your friends to be bridesmaids! Those fabric cupcakes are lovely looking. :)

  3. The cupcake idea is SO CUTE!!! You did a fantastic job! And I love the gift you gave your bridesman. :D I keep cracking up over it, hehe!

  4. Craftzilla conquers the worldJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:10 AM

    My sister got me a version of that book when she got married...It was helpful in the sense that I kept looking through it and realzing CRAP! I have to do that too? :P
    Was v. helpful though! (as was her making our dresses as a gift...she's a determined lady !)


  5. as a recipient of one of the cupcakes, it was one of the best things i've ever received. so precious! And I'm super excited and honored to be involved. <3 jackie

  6. CUTE! I asked my ladies in person but Matt's sister lives in NJ so I mailed her a little handmade book that asks "will you. be my. bridesmaid?" I too had to get creative instead of mailing a card :)


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