the ultimate road trip part 2...

We thought about just taking Route 66 back to Chicago on the way back from our honeymoon since there is some much to see, but I was randomly playing around on my iPhone's maps app and this route popped up when I was seeing how long the trip would take straight shoot....

Now you might not be able to see very well but this route back to Chicago passes through some pretty sweet cities I've never been to. Including the amazing Las Vegas!!! So we switched around our plans, shaved a few days here and there so we can spend a few nights in Sin City :] 

Here's our plan for the trip back to good old Ohio...

First stop... 
VEGASSSS!!!! Like I said, I've never been to Las Vegas before. Mainly because until you are 21 you really can't get the whole experience. Well, 21 has come and gone and what better time to head to Vegas than on our honeymoon!?!?!? 

I'm so excited about finally visiting this crazy city. I'm not a gambler and from what I hear the slot machines have been made completely coin-free, which if you ask me was the coolest thing about slot machines. I love going to Dave & Busters and playing the token slots and hearing watching the tokens fall into the bin. It's no fun if it's just a swipe card. But just to say I did, I will have to bet on something.

I really want to see the fountains and maybe catch one of Holly Madison's shows [Girls Next Door is  kind of a guilty pleasure] or maybe Cirque du Soleil??? Mainly, I just want to see all those neon lights! We'll probably stay at least two nights to make sure we have as much fun as possible and then we'll head back out on the road.

Denver, Colorado. I definitely want to go see the Denver Art Museum. It's such a cool looking building and I've studied it in Architecture school so it will be fun to see in person. Maybe stop in at the U.S. Mint??? Window shopping is definitely on my list of things to do on 16th Street. I'm sure Mike would love a tour of Coors Brewery :]

Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm not sure what we'll do here but it's a well known city so I'm sure we'll think of something :] Perhaps meet the lovely Lindsay of Scenic Glory!

Omaha, Nebraska. Home to tons of Irish and Micro Brew bars plus a lot of live Jazz and Rock concerts, this city sounds right down my alley. Omaha should provide a nice night to end our trip before making the last stretch through Chicago and then on to Ohio.

Just typing this, I'm already getting sad to think that the trip will eventually end haha. We need to do a LOT of planning... packing lists, grocery lists, hotel plans, budgeting. This trip may require more preparation than our wedding!!! I'm sure you'll see a bunch of posts about shopping lists and things we need to buy to prep for the trip. The idea is to spend as little money as possible on every day things like food so that we can spend our money on the fun attractions.

Also, just like the last post about this trip, if you live in one of these cities let me know! I'd love to meet you and learn more about your city!!!

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  1. I'd love to go on a trip like this! I miss America terribly!


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