with a little help from my friends...

The wedding planning has been going sooooo smoothly lately. We still have over a year to go but I don't plan on doing any major planning during my last year of school so a LOT has to get done this summer. We have pretty much everything figured out... venue, catering, major styling decisions, bridal party, all that's left is finding a photographer.

Normally, my photographer of choice is the lovely Melanie Reller of Tip Toe Thirty... but Melanie will be attending the wedding as a guest for once :] So we are officially on the search.

We found a couple we really love [KourtneeKate] but unfortunately they haven't gotten back to us. Since I want to figure photography out this summer, I need to find some other options. Which hopefully, is where you guys come in.

Do you guys know of any offbeat photographers around the Northern Kentucky/Ohio region? Obviously, just like the rest of the blog world, we aren't that traditional couple and would love a photographer who understands that and can work with us to capture our nontraditional wedding. Photography is the one thing we are willing to splurge on. Here are some photos styles and shots I love....

Click on the photos to go to the photographer's website. The middle two I don't know who they belong to, so if you do, please let me know so I can give credit and creep on their website for hours on end :]

Sara-Jayne photography is ironically located in Minneapolis, MN... where we will be living only months after the wedding. Sad face.

So if you know of any photographers out there around me or perhaps ones that are willing to travel I'd love to see some links in the comments below!!! You guys are the best!!!


  1. I'm the same way, going into my senior year...4 states away from the groom, so I'm trying to finish all my planning now! I have some great photographer from Cleveland. I'll ask my friends from Cinci for ya!! Good luck!!

  2. I'm the same as you!! Our wedding is 7-7-12, but I am getting the bulk of our planning out of the way this year because we will be leaving for hockey and who knows how long we will be gone for! We could come back in March, we could come back in July. I wish you lots of luck on finding a photographer! We are splurging a bit on ours, too, after your big day all you have are the memories and photos! xo

  3. I used to work for Heather Saunders Photography. She is located in Michigan but travels all over for weddings. I LOVE her work and will hopefully have her as my own wedding photographer one day. If you contact her, let her know Julie sent you! xo


  4. Hi Allison, have you looked into Shutterhead Studios? I hear they're super talented and quirky :) I love your blog! I'm going to look around for a while and then respond to your awesome long email. Looking forward to chatting with you!

  5. Hello Miss! I am a somewhat newbie (starting to phase out of the beginner) wedding photographer in central Ohio. I do not mind traveling! I have been DYING to find a quirky couple to shoot their wedding! You can check out my work at ashleyterryphoto.com (Be gentle It has just recently been up and running) Or on Facebook (Look for Ashley Terry Photography) Thanks! Hope you find what you are looking for!!

  6. I follow Alex Michele Photography on Facebook and she has some pretty amazing work. I am pretty sure she travels too :) Not sure of her pricing but she is very good and I see the above styles in her work pretty often.

    Love your blog, new follower tonight.


  7. I'm absolutely no help, but I had to comment and say I am absolutely IN LOVE with the jumping-on-the-bed photo. How cute is that!? Good luck with your wedding planning!

  8. New follower and I am excited to see that you're also planning your wedding in the KY area.  My fiance and I will be getting married in Louisville next March.  I have a close photographer friend who will also be attending my wedding instead of shooting it but she's referred me to someone I'm still working on getting locked down.  One photographer that I adore from MI, is http://mattsonpictures.com/ - they specialize in non-traditional weddings.  Unfortunately, they were already booked for our date.  Best of luck to you!

  9. hey Allie!

    Congrats on your engagement and as for wedding photography, my friend Dustin does a fantastic job. He just graduated from RIT and is actually getting married soon himself. He's out of Indiana but he travels for weddings all the time. His website is  http://www.mckibbenphotography.com/blog/  


  10. You're moving to MPLS? I live in MN but like 5 hours from the Cities...

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