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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekend has been relaxing! Today in the great Twin Cities, Mike and I will be perusing around Northeast Minneapolis in the artsy district. I'll be popping into any and every crafty place I find and later today heading to the 331 Club for Crafternoon Delight, an afternoon of arts and crafts with other artsy people in the area!

Then we'll probably head to a park so Mike can skate and I can lounge on our new picnic blanket I made! The fabulous and newly engaged Jenna of Just Call Me J was kind enough to blog sit for me today. She's here with a fun and fashionable tutorial. Take it away Jenna!

Hey Craftedlove fans!! I am Jenna of JustCallMeJ12 blog and owner/artist of JustJ on Etsy! I'm an artist that resides in the burbs of Philadelphia who has a large imagination and not nearly as much time to create as I'd like. I have been creating art and making crafts since I was a child but have been passionately studying and creating art for about ten years. I'm a nature and landscape lover that loves creating colors and movements within my works of art using oil paint or colored pastels.

Today, I am going to do a crafty and beachy DIY that is a great must have summer accessory! I leave for vacation at the end of this week and thought that this would be a perfect DIY for everyone (and hey I get to make one for myself!)

DIY Scarf Beach Cover-UP!

- sewing machine (or use needle and thread but this will be insanely tedious!)
- thread
- 2 scarves (cotton or material that is NOT sheer) about 2x6 feet- its a decent size
- pins

First, you want to pick the scarves out that you would like to use and stack them (right side facing each other) ontop of one another.

Second, measure your scarf and find the middle. This is where your neckline will be... the neckline will be 'V' shaped and will measure at about 18 inches. I found my middle and measure 9 inches each way. Make an 'X' here with your pins so you know to leave that open :)

Pin the scarves together on both sides of the 'X' pins for the neckline.

Time for the sewing machine!!

Sew leaving about 1/4 inch seam (or whatever you like or prefer) from one end to the 'X' pin then sew from the next 'X' to the other end. You will *not* sew between your 'X' because this is the neckline :)

I did this step twice to make sure that it was tight and secure since sometimes coverups can be tugged while walking with a chair and beach bag.

I love my scarf print and can't wait to make more. I may even alter the pattern to get different designs. Please comment and let me know if you try this out, I'd love to see what you all come up with!!

Happy Summer and Happy Sewing--

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