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Hello lovelies! Today we head off to Chicago for the first stretch of our trip to the Twin Cities!!! We are staying the night in Chicago so we can get an early start tomorrow morning and hopefully make it to Minneapolis by dinner time! Perhaps a little bit of shopping and some bar food while in Chicago? We aren't worried about spending too much time in the city since we will be going back for a whole weekend in Chi-Town this August!!!
Today starts off my weekend of blog sitter posts and to start it all off is a fellow doodler, Kate of Kate's Irrelevant. This lovely lady did an interview of me way back when and is back to very kindly share some of her artwork for you to snag!

Hi Crafted Love readers! I'm Kate from Kate's Irrelevant, a crafter, painter, writer and blogger who's obsessed with pretty books, new stationery, tattoos and flowers. I'm very happy to be featuring on a blog that's always right at the top of my daily read list! I'm a big fan of cute illustrations and spend too much of my time doodling, so today I thought I'd share some special illustrations especially for crafty people like yourselves! These doodles will make a lovely addition to your tutorials or craft posts and can also be used for blog buttons, About Me pages, anything you can think of. If you'd like to save the images as singular files, you can find them all here (

Enjoy and thank you so much for having me, Allison!


  1. wow! i love the sewing machine image! all are lovely, but the sewing machine is the best hehe! thank you for sharing these images with us! I will use one for sure somewhere!

    thank you!:D

  2. Those are adorable!!! Kate, you rock. :D Thank you for this!!!


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