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Hi guys! Today is our last day in the Cities so we are probably living it up as much as possible :] We'll be heading home later today so I can start editing photos to share! I'm sure I have a toooon of pictures so forgive me if it takes a couple days to post them. I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing a few new faces through this Blogsitters session. Angie is here to round everything up with some cool party planning tips!

Hello everyone! I'm Angie from Lariats and Lavender I'm here to blog sit for the lovely Allison!!!

My guest post is about... Party Planning! I adore parties, especially big family and friend related gatherings like birthdays, holiday parties or even a party "just because!" I'm going to give you my top Party Planning tips and my example will be a birthday party with a camping/outdoorsy theme! ;) Why? Because... Well... I love camping and the outdoors!

1st. Start preparing early
If you know what kind of theme you're having and for who, you should have an easy time preparing. While you're out doing shopping - grocery shopping, gift shopping, etc. - don't be afraid to look around and if you see something that you think has potential and it's in your budget - buy it and store it somewhere safe for the big day!

Let's say the theme is camping. You can pick up wrapping paper that fits in with the theme (maybe a lovely green, like the color of a tent, or maybe something fun like bark-patterned, if there is such a thing!) You can pick up s'mores ingredients for a fun snack, a pack of mini flashlights you can use later on, etc. This way, you'll have your own little kit ready to go when you're ready to throw the party.

2nd. Make a grand entrance
This can be done whether you live in an apartment, or a house or... Well... Anywhere! (I'd personally love to live on a sailboat.) See if you can find a pretty doormat that has to do with the big day - maybe even a Happy Birthday one! Or something to hang on your door, that shows everyone where the party is and get them in a festive mood before they even come inside. Either is great for an apartment! If you live in a house, you can go even bigger.

Again, let's take the camping theme. Some stores sell very cheap fabric tents. You can purchase one for your driveway - cut out a "second door" across from the first and have your guests walk through the tent! You can decorate with balloons, streamers, etc. but this is even more personalized. A lot of fun party stores, online and off, sell inflatables as well. Underwater theme? Have your guests be greeted by a seahorse! Movie theme? Have a life size celebrity cutout with a welcome sign! The possibilities really are endless.

3rd. Don't knock a home-made cake (or other goodies.)
If you, or someone in your family, can decorate a cake - well - go all out! A cake with a camping theme could have little pine trees, maybe even a mini tent. Look around for doll sized items, even dollar stores have some great ones you can use!

You can also do this with cupcakes, pies, cookies or really anything the birthday person enjoys! Be creative. And something made from the heart is always delicious!

4th. Speaking of food...
Instead of having a regular meal, have theme appropriate food! If you have a camping theme, go with s'mores, maybe even a little fire pit cookout (if where you live allows.) You can even make your own trail mix - or even better - let your guests make their own! In fact, you can have a whole table with various ingredients and plastic bags, maybe even tags for the guests to wrap around the bag. Let everyone make a trail mix they'll love as a souvenir!

An underwater theme can have goldfish crackers, light blue Jell-o in small clear bowls, etc. A movie theme could have a table of yummy theater snacks and you could even have plain popcorn with various spices and toppings (they are sold in most grocery stores) on the table, so again, guests could mix their own!

5th. Have an activity!
The best part of a party is having memories of the big day. So have your guests do activities! For a camping theme, something like pine cone peanut butter bird feeders would be fun and perfect, plus it's something they can bring home with them! Or have a large poster board, with all sorts of camping related stickers (which can usually be found in the scrap booking section of most stores!) and fun pens, so the guests can each take a turn decorating the board for the birthday boy or girl!

You can do everything from a craft-related activity to a box full of fun props for picture posing!

6th. Souvenir, get your souvenirs here!
I love sending guests home with fun souvenirs of their own! Besides the food and activity souvenirs, you can do... Well, all sorts of fun things! Remember when I mentioned a pack of mini flashlights? You can use contact paper around them to make them have a tree bark wrapping. You can use a label designer to add the birthday boy or girls name and birthday. You can send them home with origami critters and so much more!

For every theme, there is surely something fun you can gather up for each guest. A little way for them to remember your bash and their own memories from it! You can even have a souvenir hunt, much like a treasure hunt, and have everyone find something different!

7th. Recruit friends and family to help you out
If you're trying to get everything ready before all of your guests show up, you may burn yourself out. So recruit your friends and family, have fun getting everything ready together and most important - don't stress! You may drop the cake on the floor, or have a sudden rain storm, etc. but as long as you're with your loved ones and celebrating, that's all you really need.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed that! And I hope that all of your parties are a huge success, whether you use these tips or not! ;)


  1. Thank you so much for having me, Allison!!! So excited to see your pictures. :D


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