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So there's been a change of plans. After a 12 hour drive home from St. Paul/Minneapolis earlier this month Mike and I realized that no matter how much you love road trips, 12 hours in a car is just not as glamorous as it seems. How does this relate to anything on this blog? Well, we have decided that we are going to change our honeymoon plans. Originally the plan was to take a 2 week trip down old Route 66. This is still something I really want to do, but not in a two-door compact car. I'd rather do it in a vintage Airstream trailer :] And that, my friends, is not in our budget just yet.

Also, since we are moving to Minneapolis shortly after the wedding, that in and of itself feels like a honeymoon because we are so darn excited! Rout 66 was going to cost more than half of what our entire wedding will cost and we thought it would be smarter to save money so we can maybe buy Ski passes once we get to Minnesota! 

Now we start the search over again because just like before, I'm not interested in going somewhere tropical on our honeymoon. It's just not us. I was hoping to get some input from you guys abut any suggestions you may have, or just to hear about your honeymoons if they were out of the ordinary :]

Things we'd like from our honeymoon [not necessarily all of them]:

- Not "beachy"
- Outdoorsy
- All inclusive if possible
- Ability to bike
- Possibly on a lake?
- A place to get a couple's massage
- Fun activities
- Romantic, of course!

So! Does anyone know of a place along these lines? I'd love to hear about them! Tell me about your honeymoons or romantic vacations with your honey in the comments!


  1. haha your list sounds just like my house. come to my place for your honeymoon! lol! sorry, i'm no help... i still have to think about my own honeymoon and don't even know where to start!! xox dana

  2. My ideas are all in California. 

    Lake Tahoe
    Hundreds of other lakes here

    Just an idea.. 


  3. If you want to stay with the outdoors but have some things to do, why not look into a few places around you?  What about a fun trip to Niagara Falls?  Or what a trip to Virginia?  Virginia is full of beauty, and I am sure you could find all sorts of neat places to check out and go shopping.  If anything, I remember the list of various cities you thought about moving to, why not take a look at some of those, weigh the pros and cons and maybe decide on one of them to visit during your honeymoon?
    Also, I used to live in Indiana, and Indianapolis was always neat to venture to.  Lots of stuff to do, they have the whole canal you could bike along, and if you really want something romantic they have carriage rides around down town.  Hope you can decide on something amazing for your Honeymoon!  Good luck to you, and congratulations on the Engagement!

  4. Cook Forest? Poconos? Gatlinburg? (Can you tell I've lived in Pennsylvania and Tennessee? Ha ha.)

  5. Come back to MN and go farther up North! The North Shore on Lake Superior is amazingly beautiful and definitely outdoorsy. Duluth is right along there as well so there would be places to go out, shop, and explore. A couple of friends went camping out by Grand Marais, I think by the Cascade River State Park where they found waterfalls. There are plenty of trails up there for hiking and biking.

    Just an idea! :)

  6. My husband and I took a little trip to Jefferson, TX, a bed and breakfast Mecca to put it mildly, and Caddo Lake with it's cypress trees and critters just a bit away from where we stayed. We went canoeing, went to Casinis in nearby Louisiana, spent time in tiny downtown Jefferson, and basically enjoyed exploring. Fun and romantic!

  7. The Rocky Mountains in Canada.

  8. Wait, are you scared of bears?

  9. I've got to recommend Michigan, maybe the Traverse City area. I think it sounds similar to what you're looking for and wouldn't bee too far. The Tesoro Inn is gorgeous, I'm taking my love there for our one year anni in November.

  10. My fiance and I considered this for our honeymoon:

    It's "luxury camping". On a lake. In ridiculously awesome "tents".  

  11. It is pretty expensive (one of the reasons we actually ended up deciding not to do it although it's pretty economical considering what you get out of it) but they do have a honeymoon package ($5,681) that includes horseback riding, a couples massage, transportation, "fire and fondue", all your meals for the week, and transportation from the airport and on site. Then there are also other "Romantic packages" for less money.

  12. I have no suggestions at all. I saw you had posted about penpals but I can't seem to find tha post. It was your blog right? *blush*

  13. There are lots of beautiful mountain cabins to rent near lakes in North Carolina and Tennessee, most of them near cute little towns. I can't remember where it was, but once we went up to this mountain lake with cute homes all around it and there was a tea room restaurant. It's going to drive me crazy that I can't remember where it was, but I thought it was so cute! :)

  14. Mackinaw Island, Michigan. Grand Hotel or someplace less expensive. The movie "Somewhere in Time" was film at the Grand Hotel. Horse and buggy, bicycle, or on foot is the only transportation. Could be very romantic.........

  15. This looked interesting to me...

  16. We honeymooned in a tower room at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas! We LOVED the setting, our room was GORGEOUS and Vegas has so much to offer. :D

  17. kristan @ adelynSTONEJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    yea, your list reminds me of home aka MI. Instead of your long route 66 roadtrip, maybe take a trip a long the coast of Lake MI. Tons of trails, biking, lighthouses, wilderness. =)


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