a day at the pool

After a long day of moving and on one of the hottest days of summer we decided to take a break and go for a swim at my Aunt and Uncle's awesome pool which was named the VonTiki. It's come a long way since they first moved in. It used to be just a pool in a yard full of grass. My Uncle DIY'ed almost everything back there including that awesome Tiki Bar. I got to paint the Tiki Man onto the fridge one summer, that was a lot of fun. Their pool is the perfect place to kick back and chill out all day. It's like you're on a far-off getaway in the tropics.

This guy is the most recent addition to the VonTiki and his name is Lono :] My Aunt and Uncle found a wood carver on Craigslist and had him come down and carve a dead tree into a piece of art. Lono adds the perfect touch to pool parties if you ask me

We spent most of the day [and by we, I mean the boys] doing crazy jumps off the diving board. One person would throw a ball while another person lounged on the raft as the last person would jump over them to catch the ball. As if that wasn't daring enough, they starting flipping over the person to try and catch the ball. 
I stuck back and snapped pictures from the bar before deciding it was safe to get in the pool :]

And here's the ONE picture of me for the day haha. Oh the joys of being the one behind the camera :] I do love taking photos though. We played with those cool underwater skate boards for hours before we heard some thunder roll in. Normally, I would have been sad that rain was ending our pool day early but it's been so darn hot lately, we could use some cooling rain. 

In other news, we are completely moved into the new apartment and we LOVE it. It's such a young neighborhood and very dog friendly. All of our neighbors have HUGE friendly dogs. One little white dog has already become our little best friend and taken a liking to our living room while we were moving in :] 

Our apartment is sooooo big. I honestly don't know how we will fill the extra space even after we get all the furniture we still need! There is a whole side of the bedroom that has nothing in it so Mike and I are thinking abut saving up for a weight bench so he can do his bench presses and I can use if for free weights. We have a whole list of things we need to get still and my coffee table DIY is still on my to-do list but we couldn't be happier :] Hopefully soon enough we will have everything together and I can take pictures to show you! Maybe just some sneak peeks until then? We'll see :]

Also! The giveaway announcement is a day late but congrats to Angela and  Renee!!! I will be emailing you shortly!


  1. Oh, wow, that pool is amazing! What a perfect place to spend a hot summer's day! Awesome pics! xxx

  2. GAH! I WISH I had a pool-- I am more then welcome to go to my aunts (diggin that sweet bar!) but yesterday I sat in Citizen's Bank Park watching the Phils vs Padres SWEATING isn't even the word in a baseball stadium in 102 heat & 54% humidity. yuck. jealous.

    hope you had fun :)


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