engagement party invites!!!

The invites are in! And officially in the mail! Technically the couple isn't supposed to do any planning for the engagement party, but you know me... I really wanted to be able to design the invites. The moms agreed and I got to whip up some simple invites that highlighted my love of biking and Mike's love of skating. They are a lot simpler than what I have planned for the real invites but it's probably best to take it easy for now :]

Sorry guys, this doesn't count as an invite to the party :] Though I wish I could have each and every one of you there. You'll just have to be there in thought!

I hand addressed each and every envelope... and let me tell you, there were a lot! All of our friends and family will be there. We invited more people than what will actually be at the wedding so we will be making lots of tasty foods to keep everyone happy!

I'm pretty excited! I'll get to make some tasty appetizers... We'll be announcing our wedding party and I will get to see a lot of my old high school friends. I can't wait!


  1. I love your invites! They are so cute and very personal.  You did a great job.

  2. How exciting!!! Those are awesome invites!

    I really love the font and the color scheme. Super cool, lady!

  3. Your invites look great!  And I love how you hand wrote the envelopes!  I keep bugging my boyfriend about getting engaged...we'll see.

    (PS thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.  Made my day :)

  4. The invites look great!  And I did a lot of the planning of our engagement party too, so I completely understand! 

    PS. Love all your DIY stuff--especially the bow! 

  5. WHERE did you have your invites done? they're perfectly amazing. i LOVE them.

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  6. Thanks! I actually designed them myself :]

  7. Super cute! I don't think I'm having one ( I haven't been to one in years- didn't know that people still did them! :-P ) 

    love that design, and dig that you have put a little of you and the fiance in the image.  
    I am however, having a bbq get together for the meeting of families. Our mom's have met but that's it


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