packing. packing. packing!

Hello. Hello!!! Today I'm busy packing for our trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul! I am soooooo excited, you have no idea! I have a handy dandy packing list in my sketch book that I'm following. I've been known to forget to pack very important things in the excitement of packing, just ask Mike:] We head out early tomorrow and I still have a lot to do.

Remember the picnic blanket I just made last weekend? I decided to list it in my Etsy shop and planned to make another one exactly like it when we got back to sell when/if someone purchased the listing. Well yesterday someone bought it! It hadn't even been online for 48 hours before it got snatched up! After the initial happy dance, I panicked because we now don't have a picnic blanket to lounge on in the Twin Cities! So, I'm rushing to the fabric store today to make a new one for Mike and me as well as possibly make another to add to the shop! Wish me luck!

I won't be taking my computer to Minneapolis so I've lined up a few guest posts to keep you guys entertained while I'm gone :] I decided to ask a few new faces around the blogosphere to join in on the fun instead of my typical go-to's when it comes to blogsitting. Hopefully, you'll meet some new blog friends and make a few new connections! There's a lot of craftiness in the near future so get excited! I will see you guys when we return!!!


  1. Hey - chatted with you at the blog talk last night! LOVE your blog :D have a good trip!

  2. Have a fun trip! The Cities are awesome :) 

    P.S. If that is you're handwriting, it is great! You should turn it into a font or something! 

  3. so excited for you! I love living in the cities!!! (as we call mpls and st. paul) its awesome!!!!
    have a fabulous time!

  4. haha I made list of what to pack aaaalways! I even write the most stupid things like one pencil, tissues etc. everything.. and I think it is the fastest way to pack! You just look on your list and 15 minutes later you are packed ;d

  5. i love that blanket. i am missing a little piece of my sewing machine that i actually ordered online. so hopefully it gets here soon and i'll be able to figure out how to sew. wish me tons of luck!!

    ♥ allister bee blog

  6. that is awesome, congrats on the quick sale! hope you got to make your new blanket on time haha.
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)
    xo dana

  7. I am SO jealous you are going to MN!! I haven't been back for quite a while since my parents moved away. Enjoy ever second! 

  8. al, the blanket is FANTASTIC! and congrats on the quick sell! -jackie


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