pinspiration | tomato, motz, basil bites

While searching for ideas for our engagement party I came across these babies. A little background story... back at Dorothy Lane Market, where I worked through high school and most of my college summers, we made this amazing Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil salad every week in the Produce department. It was so simple to make and all we did was sprinkle some salt, pepper, and a little bit of olive oil on it. Well since Dorothy Lane was were Mike and I met, it seemed perfect to have it as an appetizer at our engagement party! It didn't hurt that it was totally delish and in perfect bite-sized form!

So I gathered my supplies for this super simple recipe and got to piecing everything together!!!

Instead of cutting the cherry tomatoes in half, I just made little kabobs of the ingredients and wrapped the basil around them like ribbon. They looked super cute and even more yummy!

The finished product!!! I sprinkled some olive oil over them and topped them off with some salt and pepper. There were about five that never made it to the party because they were just too delicious :] They looked so pretty spread around the white plate, almost too good to eat [except not] They were a HUGE hit. They were gone mid party. Definitely something I'll have to make again! I think for my first pinspiration post, this a total success!

If you haven't started de-cluttering your inspiration boards, get started! There's no better time than right now! And don't forget to grab a button to help celebrate and post your creations on the group Flickr page!


  1. Wow those are almost too pretty to eat!!

  2. Pretty!
    We'll make these as a side for dinner, but usually just in a little dish rather than skewered. It's one of my favorite combinations because it is SO easy but it looks so nice (it's super tasty as well, that doesn't hurt).

  3. Good god those look so good!! I can't even tell you how badly I would like to reach through the screen and eat one (and it's only 5:43am right now). Great job!


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