sponsor spot sale!

UPDATE!!! I've decided to extend this sale all day today and all day Wednesday! All day today sponsor spots will be half off. Not just for the first ten people! With the economy in the crapper, we could all use some savings ;)

I'm doing the sponsor call a little early this month for a few reasons. I will be a little busy towards the end of the month with engagement party shenanigans and I also wanted to host a sponsor spot sale!

It's no secret that we're all in a little bit of a money crunch with the not-so-good economy right now. But I also know a lot of you want to get more views on your blogs so I'm offering the first 10 people who inquire about advertising 50% off sponsor spot pricing.

So if you were planning on purchasing a medium spot for the typical $10, you could actually buy a large spot for only $7. Or if you just want to save crazy money, a small spot would only be $2.50. I know you all can do your own math so I'll stop with that :]

If you would like to jump on this opportunity, email me ASAP at info[AT]craftedlove[DOT]com to reserve your 50% off!

Note: this deal does not apply to the extra large featured sponsor spot


  1. How many months are we allowed to get at this price :P

  2. As long as you buy the spots today, you could get as many months as you want!


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