I gave a little sneak peek a while back of some pottery I was painting with my cousins. Well I was finally able to pick it up from the pottery place after being put in the kiln and I couldn't be happier!

It was super time consuming but even more fun to paint/make. It was a little worrisome not knowing what it would look like in the end since the paints get more vibrant once cooked. All in all it took two trips to the pottery place and almost 4 hours to complete.

Ta-da! Here's the finished product! I'm crazy excited to fill it with fruit and put on Mike's table when he moves into his new apartment. I'm pretty proud of it. It's very happy feeling :]

I hope everyone has kicked off July with a fun and relaxing day to start off your holiday weekend! I have some hopefully exciting news to tell everyone but it will have to wait until Tuesday because I don't want to jinx anything by spilling early. But I'm sooooooo excited!!!!

Tomorrow I'm off to go wedding dress shopping! Eep! I'm a little nervous because I have very simple tastes when it comes to most things, especially a wedding dress. I'm a little worried everything will be too over the top for me. And don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I have simple tastes. Even the slightest "poof" to a dress will send me running. Hopefully my mom and Mike's mom are up for the challenge of taming my crazy :]


  1. I just love painted pottery.! Good luck wedding dress shopping- trust your gut when you find the one.  When I found my dress I was at a charity wedding dress sale and they had a big room where everyone tried on dresses.  I saw my dress from across the room on another bride to me.  :) I went over and asked to if she was done with my dress lol! 

  2. oh my gosh! that is so cute!!

    ♥ allister bee blog

  3. That is fantastic! I would totally BUY that in a store -- it's amazing you made it yourself. That vibrant orange glaze is gorgeous

  4. As I said on Twitter, you are awesome. What a beautiful bowl! So perfect for Summer, too! You did an amazing job, you really did!

  5. Love the bowl! I need to go back and do another one.
    Few tips on wedding dress buying: 1-Don't be afraid to tell the shop girl you don't like a suggestion; 2-Wear the scary underwear they give you (it gives you an awesome silhouette); 3-Don't worry about finding the dress immediately, but your tastes sound like mine=simple, if you keep that in mind and remember it's about the marriage to the man you love and not the big ceremony of it all you'll be out of there in no time.
    This is coming from a bride who found her dress in 20 minutes.
    Have fun and don't forget to take pictures for the memories!

  6. omg i love it!!! what a great idea and great work!! :D


  7. Deanne *quirkyboots*January 26, 2013 at 10:08 AM

    oooh now that i love :) hmmmm now need to go and find a pottery barn around here!

  8. Lovely! 

  9. That looks awesome!! have fun wedding dress shopping! I just found mine and saying I want all lace but simple seemed to confuse people but I got lucky that found one that is just right, I'm sure you will too! 

  10. Wow. That's actually pretty awesome looking. My sister and I went once to a place like that and I could barely draw a straight line.  Well done!

  11. what a cute bowl, perfect for summer! great job sweetie! 


  12. I LOVE IT!!! 
    The bright orange inside and the lemon/lime slices on the outside...
    Makes me want to go back to ceramics and make myself one too!!


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