Twin Cities Part Two...

Like I said before, we were having so much fun I really forgot to take many pictures. Monday after a long bike ride and a little bit of apartment hunting, we headed over to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to look around. 

 Of course when we got there there was orange fencing around the big cherry sculpture. Fail. But I managed to get a couple of cool pictures. We walked around for a bit but it was just too hot to be standing out in the sun for very long so we headed back to Uptown and went into a few bike shops to browse for when we through out our Walmart pieces-o-crap :] I think we both found bikes that we want and even cuter? They are the same brand :] Twinsies!!!

For dinner we headed to Galactic Pizza to meet up with a blog friend who lives in the city. It was my first "meet up" with another blogger but I wasn't at all nervous like I am with some people I've known for a while. Weird :]

Galactic was pretty effing awesome if you ask me. Their menu was in 3D and they are a very eco-friendly restaurant. Every one of their pizzas comes in a vegan or vegetarian option which is totally rad even though I eat meat. Mike and I got the signature Galactic pizza which was actually vegetarian. Honestly, I didn't miss the peperoni at all! It was way yummy. Now for my new in-real-life blog pal....

Meet Diana of DianaPantz. Way back when she emailed me saying how she was from Minneapolis and offered to give us a tour or just meet up for some chit chat. Well once we got into the city I emailed her and we exchanged numbers. She and her dude, Blake are totally awesome. They are pretty much Mike and my twin-couple. They love to bike and love to watch Bones. Win. We talked for houuuuurs about the cities, biking, and us moving out there. Turns out, their apartment complex is dog friendly AND in our price range which was a pretty cool coincidence if you ask me.

Mike and I are now even more excited to move out there knowing that we will already have a cool biking couple to ride around on the trails with. I can't wait!!!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway today! I will be announcing a winner tonight at 5:00 EST!!! There have been soooooo many entries! I'm anxious to see who will win!


  1. omg THAT spoon w/ the cherry is totally awesome!


  2. yes!
    we had so much fun!

  3. "are changed everything" LOVE it!! 

  4. "art" haha :)

  5. There are so many things I want to say in this comment! 1. I'm from Ohio too! Cincinnati to be exact, so I was very excited for you and the Jay Bruce picture! 2. I love your blog! 3. I love that you have so many posts on road trips!


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