bowling fun...

The other day Mike and I decided to go bowling with our brothers and their neighbors [though I pretty much just consider them family too since I've known them as long as Mike] We had a gift card we hadn't used and I hadn't been bowling in forever.

We all did pretty badly except for Regina. Though I did get a few strikes and spares along the way, I never broke 80 haha. We did stupid nick names and mine was Smalls [movie reference from Sandlot]. It was a lot of fun.

This was Evan's interpretation of my outfit and new two-tone hair. Also, apparently, my poor bowling ability. The caption says "Aw man! Another gutter ball!" But let it be known, I played better than him for the most part :] It was a fun night and only ended up costing us $12! Can't beat that!

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  1. ohh bowling.. I love going bowling with my friends.. but I even don't remember the last time we were bowling.. it was so long ago! Ah I need to remind this thing to them! :D


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