Chicago [photo HEAVY]

We're about to go on photo overload with this post but I just want to share some photos from our family trip to Chicago [trust me, I took double, maybe triple the photos I'm actually showing haha] We had such a fun time! Our hotel was right beside the Hancock Tower which made it way too easy to peruse the city for hours on end.

Please excuse the atrocious face I'm making up there, but to start off the trip I had my very first REAL Chicago hot dog. I'm a pretty finicky eater and my hot dogs normally consist of a thin line of ketchup and that's it. But after countless trips to the Windy City, I decided it was time to put my big girl pants on and have me a real dog. And let me say, it was glorious. I will admit though, I pulled off the tomatoes. I just can't deal with the slimy!!!

The next day we got up and grabbed some Starbucks where my mom used to go to college and passed by the Museum of Contemporary Art. That big phone reminded me of the iPhone handset I want for my studio :] We headed out for this bike rental place so we could cruise around the city.

We stopped at Millennium Park... You can't really tell but Evan's eating the bean up there lol. We took the cliche "look, I'm in the bean" picture and then got back on our bikes to cruise some more.

Not sure why this photo is showing up grainy right up there, but we stopped to take pictures at the best view of the whole city. It's so fun riding along the water with the cool breeze and waves. I want to go back right now.The bike ride with the family was my favorite part of the trip. You can explore a city so much better on bike rather than walking or driving.

Then it was off to Navy Pier!!! We grabbed some delicious lunch at Margaritaville and watched everyone walk by. It was pretty hot but we were nicely shaded under an umbrella for most of the meal. It always feels like a day at the carnival when you're at the Pier.

My parents say that I've ridden the Ferris Wheel before but I must have been really little because I really can't remember. So we all got in line to ride it again because I know Evan was way too young to remember.

The view was pretty amazing. Later that night we did a little shopping since we wouldn't be able to the next night when we watch the Reds play the Cubs. You'd think I'd be the one doing all the looking but Evan and Mike were the shop-a-holics during this trip. Guess who carried all the bags though? Apparently since girls carry purses it means we should carry the shopping bags. Haha I didn't mind though. We went to Niketown for them to look at sports stuff and you'll never believe who we saw...

Crap picture... but it's JAY BRUUUUUUUUCE!!! If you're not a Reds fan, or even a baseball fan... Jay Bruce plays for the Cincinnati Reds and he happens to be my favorite player. We were just browsing around and Evan goes "Oh my gosh that's Jay Bruce" Of course Mike and I thought he was joking so it took a second time for him to get us to look. Sure enough, over looking across the room was Jay Bruce. We ran over and snapped this picture before letting him get back to shopping :]

The next day we went to the Reds/Cubs game and tried really hard not to brag to other Reds fans that we had run into Jay Bruce. Before the game, we went down to the field level because Mike knew one of the Cubs players. Mike graduated with Tony Campana, who if you ask me, is the Cubs' best player hands down. In the game the night before he hit an in the park homerun and nabbed a ball out of the air as he went into Wrigley's ivy wall. It was pretty cool. Little kids around us made sure to take the opportunity to get a player's autograph :]

In the end, the Cubs beat the Reds. Big time. But you really can't be a sore loser if you're rooting for the Reds. You're just there for support and to take in the awesome experience that is America's pastime. Being at Wrigley was pretty cool. It's definitely a place any baseball fan should go to at least once in their lifetime. I do prefer my hometown baseball field, Great American Ballpark, though. Wrigley only had one real concession stand and I swear it took half an hour to get through. It takes all of 5 minutes in Cincy's park.

We went out on Michigan one last night before heading home to crash before the ride home. It only takes a few days before I start to feel like I really know the city again. Unfortunately, that's just enough time to have to pack up and leave again. We all have jobs and real lives to carry on :]

The weather was absolutely perfect for us the whole time we visited Chicago until the morning we were leaving. It was almost as if Chicago was sad to see us go :]

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