an end to an era...

Today marks the first day of classes for me and the start of my last year in school. Ever. This is the last agenda I will ever have to buy for keeping track of school projects, homework, etc. It's been a love-hate relationship; school and me. I'm definitely not a student at heart. At least not with things I don't care about. It was about two and a half years ago that I realized Architecture was not for me. But I was too stubborn to quit and it works out perfectly that with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and my portfolio, I could do what I really wanted to do anyway; Graphic Design. So I didn't switch majors. I still enjoy learning about buildings and construction, just not designing them. I'll leave that for the people who were born to do it. I, on the other hand, will live life happily looking at buildings from afar. 

I know once the semester begins, time will fly and the next thing I know it will be Spring semester. My three years in college thus far have flown by and before I know it, I will be in the real world. That's also a scary thought.

It used to be that you went to college, got a degree and walked out with a job waiting for you. These days, you go to college, get a degree and walk out with $60,000 in debt and no job or at best one that pays minimum wage. Hopefully, that won't be my situation, but nevertheless, it's our reality.

But enough with that. I posted these photos not to depress you about our current economical situation, but to tell you about a little quirk I have. I'm very obsessive and particular about agendas and planners. If it's not the exact way I like it I won't use it and therefore I won't get my work done. No good. My agendas have to be small enough to fit into my purse, yet big enough that I can write detailed information in it. It has to be a daily planner, not a weekly planner. There has to be a whole page for each day or I won't have enough room to write everything down and I'll have a fit haha. Are you getting the picture I'm a little bit OCD? There have been years where I couldn't find a planner I liked so I made my own.

While I can't budge on the above characteristics, I can be a little bit flexible with some things. Typically, I like when a planner has a calendar view at the beginning of each month. Even better, when it has the whole year in calendar view at the beginning. Unfortunately, this planner doesn't. I also, oddly enough, don't like blue ink. The interior of this planner, as you can see, is in blue ink. Bleck. But I'll deal. I originally was going to get the green version of the planner instead of the teal but I thought the teal made the blue ink less noticeable. Yes, I'm an oddball. I know. But in order to get to know me, you have to know everything. Even the goofy quirks. So this is me. Obsessive, goofy, organized and officially a Senior!!!

UPDATE: For everyone wondering where I got this agenda... I got it at Barnes and Noble!


  1. Oh my goodness I am the same way with agendas! Where did you get that one? It's perfect for us "weirdos" lol :) I just graduated from college, so I know what you're feeling. Just enjoy this last year and make it your best. I had a love hate relationship with school too, but I miss it SO much! It's insane!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  2. That looks like a gorgeous planner for the final year - I hope your first day goes well :)

  3. so nice to know that i'm not the only one who is like this with my agendas.... where in the world did you get it? i want!

  4. It's kind of a let down, to be honest...that moment where you're like "Whoa, I'm finally done, and here's my um...wall hanging to prove it...oh and this mountain of debt." BUUUUT at the same time it's so very freeing. Suddenly the world opens up in ways you can not imagine. Yes, maybe you'll get a job in your field *cough* NOT LIKELY *cough* - probably though, you'll find something more suited to YOU. As a person.
    And you'll have all this free time to really try and understand who "you" is. It's pretty neat. I'm a year and a bit out now, and although I still go nuts in the school supply season (keep me away from Staples) I don't miss it at all.

  5. And I still keep an agenda, it's like crack.

  6. Yay, for you!! :) Congrats on your last year! And I seem to have the opposite problem, so be thankful! every agenda wants to come home with me - lol. Really. I need to check myself of I'll end up with 20 of them! :)


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