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Hi guys! My lovely blog pal, Julie Ann is here to show off a fun project she and her man did a while back. It's especially awesome because it was for a craft show and as you know, I'm gearing up for my very first one here soon! Take it about Julie!

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Hi there! I'm Julie, from Julie Ann Art. I'm a full-time photographer, greeting card designer, and blogger. I fully support the handmade movement and am constantly thinking about how to make things on my own instead of buying things at the store. Today I'm going to show you how I made my own display shelves for craft shows. (Ok, more like I came up with the concept and my boyfriend did the rest of the work!)

I was actually lucky enough to have access to a ton of pallets and wine crates at my work. So we knew we had wood for the back board but weren't sure about how to make the shelves. After some time spent at Home Depot we found the right wood (they cut it down to the length of the pallet for us) and hardware to make the perfect card display.

(Penny chaperoned.)

A lot of positioning and drilling and viola! A cute little DIY craft show display! I've seen card displays on Etsy, and other sites, for no less than $50. I'm SO glad we put a little work into it and came up with this handmade display on our own. I think it will add an extra special handmade touch to my table at the show.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little tutorial! I have a lot more over on my blog, so come by and say hi! :]

xo, Julie

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Thanks so much for being here Julie! Everyone, go check out her awesome greeting cards and adorable illustrations! Get stocked up for birthdays and Christmas early! She's a doll!


  1. That is so cute! & that little puppy face is precious.

  2. wow i love her shop so much!
    this card holder is genius too!
    xo dana


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