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Hello everyone! I'm super excited to show off my lovely large sponsors today! They are such a lovely bunch of ladies and their blogs are equally rad :] If you're in a reader and haven't had a chance to jump over to each of my sponsors, now if your chance! Take a look at each of these lovely blogs and let me know what you think!!!

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Now let's see those sponsors!
 Hey y'all- I'm Tori from The Editorial, and this is my first time being a sponsor to Crafted Love {Isn't Allison wonderful?!} Anyway, I'm a full time college student, a southern belle, and a child of a wonderful and majestic God. I'm new to the blogging world, but I've found I'm smitten with it! My blog is full of DIY's, pictures I take along my journey, my handsome man, and my lucky fashion finds. Hop on over and say hey! {I promise I don't bite!}

Hi, I'm Allison Gray of Perknitious, and I'm pleased as punch to be sponsoring another Allison this month! I hope you'll come by Perknitious to say hello and chat in the comments.  My blog documents the details of the latest adventures and misadventures in my crafty life, from knitting and spinning to apartment decorating and trying out new recipes.  This summer I'm also sharing all sorts of warm weather wish lists and inspiring photos that have my design wheels turning.  Stop in at the Perknitious shop for classic and colorful handknits; I'll be stocking new fall hats and armwarmers soon. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

30 Days of Lists is a month-long project brought to you by Amy of Lemon and Raspberry, Justine of A New Beginning and Kam of Campfire Chic. Each day during the month of September we will post a new list topic - always with the encourage to just journal a little bit (in list form) every day. We know not everyone can make a mini scrapbook in a weekend, or art journal every night. But journaling through lists is totally do-able. Check out the Flickr Group for examples from the March session.

I'm Mandy...a 30-something working mom of twin boys who loves anything that involves crafts, interior design, coffee or dark chocolate. I'm enjoying the journey of marriage, motherhood and lots of crafty projects in between. In my spare time...which is hard to come by...I run a little shop called love squirrels where I sell my knitted baby hats and accessories. I also love decorating my home and creating DIY decor on a small budget. I blog about crafts, home decor, fashion, motherhood and whatever lovely things catch my eye. Hope you can stop by This Girl's Life for a visit!

Hi, Crafted Love readers! I’m Kam and I run a blog and shop called Campfire Chic. I'm a administrative assistant with a Master's degree in Leadership by day, a blogger and business woman by night, and a weekend warrior out to enjoy Mother Nature before heading home to play with some paper and glue. I watch Monday Night Raw while answering questions about Google Analytics, have more sweat-wicking clothing with UV protection than pretty dresses, and I intentionally order meals with meat so my vegetarian boyfriend of four and a half years doesn't steal my food. I am also one of the bloggers behind 30 Days of Lists, which starts September 1st—registration is now open! Be sure to stop by and say hello :)
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I'm Deanne the one behind Quirky Boots, yep thats right nothing to do with boots at all!! I love to create and run my little business of pretty and quirky felt creations. I have a very supportive partner, two gorgeous boys a trio of moggies and one shih tzu that keep me super busy most days. My dream is to open a vintage tea shoppe, crafts area and gift store all in one - here's to living our dreams one day!
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Hello new friends! My name is Tara and I'm from the rainy, coffee-induced city of Seattle, Washington. My blog Deer in a Bottle, documents my daily adventures in photography, art making and overall exploration of design and beautiful things. You should check out my blog if you ever need inspiration for your creative endeavors (or if you want to look at cute pictures of my pup)! I would love it if you could stop by and say hello!

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