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I'm back with some more of my lovely sponsors! This time, it's my medium and small sponsors. Take a look at these wonderful ladies' shops and blogs and show them some love! You may find yourself a new blog pal even!

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Hey, I'm back! My name is Lili, i have a little blog in which I write about my adventures and stuff I love. I am from Colombia, I was living in Miami and now I am located in Barcelona, Spain for a couple of months. I will be doing an Industrial Pattern Making course next month (I am really excited about that). So, come in, I love meeting new people.

I have been getting super-giddy about starting art school in the fall, and am trying not to hoard school supplies. I'm working on a kids' tv show by day until then! I am is dreaming about moving into a new (old) apartment, rearranging my shelves, and am still working on finishing up a giant granny square blanket for my bedroom (among other crafty work-in-progresses).
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Hi, my name is Melisa. I run a little shop and blog called Pie N' the Sky. I recently added a few new features to le blog, stocked the shop with lots of lovely new bows, and am now preparing to move into my new home! Stop by and stay awhile!

I'm Kate from Kate's Irrelevant! I live in the south of England and spend the majority of my time crafting, painting, illustrating and writing. On my blog you'll find my latest crafts, my daily inspirations and lots of fun guest posts - I hope you'll stop by and say hello sometime!
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Hello, lovelies! my name is Ivelisse, and I'm a wife to a laid back dude & momma to a rad little lady . In my little corner of the internet, you will find random musings about my little family, grad school escapades, my love for vintage, fashion, crafts, ideas and happenings along the way. come say hello! 

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