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I'm on a roll this week with de-cluttering my Pinspiration boards! Way back when I was browsing on Anthropologie and found their "Catch and Release" scarf. Well I really couldn't convince myself to spend the money on it when I could probably figure out how to make it myself. So I did :]

I headed to the fabric store to find a nice chiffon-like fabric to use and ended up falling in love with this floral pattern. I used elastic and shirred some rows down the scarf and viola! I have a new scarf.

Total cost? 5 bucks. Yeah... I'll be making my own clothes from now on :] Well maybe just my accessories...

I was excited to see that a few people had already jumped on the band wagon and started making their inspiration a reality and wanted to share them!

[the original inspiration]                                                                             [eline's rendition]     

Eline over at PlutoMeIsJe decided to paint her nails super cute like Kaylah's DIY. Her nails are absolutely adorable! If I wasn't chipping my nails all the time I would have to spend more time painting them like this!

[the original inspiration]                                                                              [brittnie's version]

Brittnie of Plum Lovely really liked this framed cork board from Pottery Barn but wasn't willing to spend $100-$150 to get her own. So she decided to make one herself! I must say, I much prefer her rendition to the Pottery Barn one! And she saved so much money!

Everyone! Start de-cluttering those inspiration boards because I'd love to feature your projects! Upload your finished piece to the group Flickr page and leave a link to your inspiration and your original post! Like I said, every time I post a project, I will feature a few of yours as well!


  1. hey! Thats awesome! Thanks. I love the scarf!!

  2. I really like the fabric you chose! My Pinterest boards are so full of projects I need to try; hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get going on some of those :)

  3. Very cool.  it is great to see that you are able to take inspiration that you see,  and actually effectively create your own spin!  I found you through the link at julie ann art.

  4. that scarf looks awesome!! great job!
    xox dana

  5. I wish that I could live in Anthro! You did an amazing job!

  6. I love what you do, Allison! I love what you do!


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