sneeks from our engagement party

Mike and my engagement party was this past weekend and I managed to snap a few pictures before the party started and thought I'd share! It was a fun time, lots of friends and family and lots and lots of yummy foods!

I made mini gourmet grilled cheeses and iced sugar cookies with my mom. It was fun doing different designs on the cookies but there were so many! After a while I just started drizzling the icing all over the cookies :]

Remember my most recent Pinspiration post

I told you they were a hit :] Over all, it was a great party. All the family got to know one another and everyone seemed to go home with full stomachs. I on the other hand, realized I didn't eat a thing during the party. Every time I went to pick something up, a new person walked in that I needed to introduce to everyone. It got to the point I was worried to eat something in case I needed to talk and had a full mouth! I have a feeling this was just a glimpse at what the wedding will be like. I'll have to make sure I have someone following me around to make sure I actually eat :] Any takers? Haha.


  1. ohh wonderful colorful food! the cookies look so sooo yummy!

  2. Those cookies look great! :)

  3. Oh my lord I would take that entire pickle/devilied egg tray and eat every last bit!  Delish!

  4. The cookies look lovely :) xo

  5. a good party isn't fully a party unless you have deviled eggs! they are my favorite to snack on :) the cookies are super cute too. 


  6. Agirlfromny.blogspot.comJanuary 27, 2013 at 3:18 PM

    You made me soooooooo hungry!
    The food looks amazing!

  7. YUM! All of my favorite foods. I hope you enjoyed the party! :)

  8. How lovely.  Glad your engagement party went well and that everyone got along. I am kind of hungry for tomato, mozzarella, and basil.  Those look delicious! 

  9. So this is random but as I was reading this I was watching the "How I Met Your Mother" episode where Lily and Marshal couldn't eat at their wedding becuase they were too busy mingling. Very Ironic hahahaha but I will make sure you eat at the wedding :)


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