to whom it may concern...

Dear boys in the gym... girls need to build muscle too. Please refrain from giving me weird looks because I'm in "your" section of the gym.

Dear new years resolutioners... yes, it's a new year you need to burn off that freshman 15 beer belly. But I really don't like crowded spaces so please hurry up and quit. We all know its inevitable.

Dear girl beside me... I was happily running by myself, why did you choose the elliptical right next to me when there were countless other ones further away? I don't like strangers near me when they don't have to be. Especially sweaty ones.

Dear Miami University... I really don't appreciate you raising membership prices. Your equipment has been paid off for decades, give us a break.

Dear girl beside me [again]... stop talking about carbs and what you ate today. If you have time to talk, you're not working out. You're just annoying me.

Dear frat star... wearing your sunglasses while pumping iron doesn't make you look cool. End of story.

Dear Rec Center... please don't tell me to limit my time on a machine to 25 minutes. That's not even enough time to work up a good sweat.

Dear everyone... please wipe off your equipment since you've been sweating on it for the past half hour. Especially when there are wipes 3 feet away from you.

I try and keep Crafted Love a happy place but life just isn't all puppies and daises, is it? If I'm going to be real with you guys and allow you to get to know me, I have to show you every side of me. Well, today you get to meet sarcastic Allison :]

Needless to say, It's been a rather stressful first week back to school. Working out happens to be one of the only ways that really relaxes me. After a really long day, all I want to do is get to the Rec Center and run for an hour. Afterward I feel soooo much better and I'm more energized to go home and get some homework/projects done. Well, with school being back in session and everyone returning to Oxford, the Rec Center has been a mad house. I miss summer when no one was in Oxford and I could walk into the gym and hop on any machine I wanted. Now, I have to stand in line and wait for a Rec person to assign me a machine to go on. Not fun. i just can't wait for a few weeks to pass and everything to chill out.

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  1. hahahaha You just gave me a good laugh.  I could totally relate to everything you said!
    I hate it when boys look at girls funny for working out!  We want to be in good shape too!  You would think they would appreciate that :) 

  2. I love, love, love this post!  I couldn't agree with you more on every single bullet point.

  3. haha, those were so true!  especially the new years resolution people.  hope you get some time to destress.  i need to do the same!

  4. OMG why do people insist on getting on a piece of equipment RIGHT next to you when there's plenty others?!?  That is just freaking weird!!

  5. Haha I love it. I was giggling because I can relate!!!

  6. I love this post it made me chuckle. Came across your blog and I love it!!!


  7. I KNOW. I don't get people who insist on using the machines right beside you. Its weird. I've also noticed a lot of people peeping at their neighbors' resistance levels.

  8. I hate the feelings I get from the guys when I am in the free weight section! I have every right to use the equipment as they do!

  9. LOL I can just picture the 'frat star' with the sunglasses on. Vent girl! :p


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