today in history...

Exactly three years ago today, Mike took me on our first date. We went to a little hipster town called Yellow Springs, where I had never been before, and Mike soon learned just how much I like to take pictures :]

We look so young! Maybe it's just me, I'm not sure. 

We fed the farm animals, had some ice cream, and then ended the night chatting on a playset and running through golf course sprinklers. It was by far, the best and most original date I've ever been on. Mike still takes me on crazy fun dates to this day. Who says you need lots of money and fancy restaurants to have fun?

circa 2008

Now, if you remember anything about our wedding plans, you probably have conjured up that this date is special in another way as well...

Exactly 365 days from today is our wedding! Eep!!! Enter panic mode? Perhaps! This day snuck up on us so quickly! Thankfully we have major plans already nailed down. Now, it's just getting the details figured out like decorations, dresses [oh, yeah... my dress.. whoops], rentals... ahh the list goes on! But it's all good! We have a year still! This is so exciting!

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