today is a special day...

Today happens to be Mike and my three-year anniversary! It's so crazy to think it's been that long, but at the same time, it feels like I've known him my whole life! What are we doing to celebrate you ask? Well, my friends, we are going Putt Putt! To some people, anything but a fancy restaurant doesn't sound worthy of an anniversary date. But for us, it's perfect. I can't wait! It's cooled off a lot around here so I'm hoping it's nice and breezy for our little adventure. And in honor of today, here's a fun, and slightly embarrassing list of only a few reasons and things I love about that goof ball up there...

> He makes me laugh until I cry
> He is protective and always makes me feel safe
> He puts up with my never ending questions everyday
>  His support of my dreams
> The fact that he sees when I'm bored and then pushes all the furniture out of the way so we can play indoor hockey
> How he laughs in his sleep sometimes during naps
> His kid-friendly nature and the fact that he will be an amazing father some day
> His encouragement
> His hugs
> He always lets me have Fazoli's when I'm craving it
> His never ending desire to have fun
> He's a 16 year old kid in a 25 year old body
> The fact that he does what he loves no matter his age
> His hockey skills
> His ability to talk me out of panic moments and crazy times :]
> How his weaknesses are my strengths and his strengths are my weaknesses
> How he takes care of me when I'm not feeling well

I am one lucky girl to have such an awesome fiance. I can't wait to spend another year going on adventures and having fun with such a rad guy :] I'll be back later this week with pictures from our time at Adventure Golf!


  1. oh! I wish you two to be forever so happy :)

  2. happy anniversary!


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