what's in my bag [summer addition]

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts and I thought it might be fun to show you what I carry around with me in the summertime before I head back to school and need a bigger bag. As much as I hate hot weather and stickiness, I do love that I can carry a much smaller bag around with me. This summer, my bag of choice was this Mustard Yellow [I'm sure the color choice surprising no one lol] crossbody purse I picked up while in the Twin Cities this year. I love cross-bodies for the summer time because it makes all the running around I do so much easier when my purse isn't up in my way. I absolutely adore all the pockets it has too. I swear for like the first week I wore it I was finding a new pocket every day! It definitely made staying organized so much easier. So what have I been carrying around with me all summer long? One: My sketchbook. There are tons of blog ideas, shop ideas, and random doodles in this little guy. I love having it at my side at all times so whenever a thought pops in my head I can whip it out and document it. Two: My first two pieces of snail mail from my P.O Box! I went into the Post Office yesterday just to fill out some paperwork and thought, maybe I'll make sure this key works. I certainly didn't expect to already have mail in there but what do you know! I had a postcard from miss Daniel and a card from miss Rebecca :] Ladies, you should be receiving your letters soon! Three: My Sharpie pen. I can't live without these things. I buy multiple packs at a time because they are the only thing I write/doodle with and I tend to misplace them frequently. I love how they don't bleed and write so smoothly. You should definitely check them out. Four: My keys. Pretty self-explanatory but I like to keep them as light as possible. No dangly key chains for me. It's already a little bulky for my liking with my car keys, house key, apartment key, bike lock key, gym lock, mail key, grocery club card, and USB drive. But I need all of those. Maybe I'll move all my club cards and keys I don't use everyday to another keychain I keep in my purse. But then again, that seems like a good opportunity to lose them. Five: My shades. I love big glasses. Not only for the fashion, but I hate when I wear smaller sunglasses and the sun manages to find a way through the side and blind me. Not with these guys. Six: My reusable market bag. Saving the planet one plastic bag at a time. I think everyone should invest in these. I probably should get more of these but usually my trips to the grocery store fit into one bag so I've been holding off. Perhaps I'll make one. Seven:  A cute little tin full of Advil. You never know when a headache is going to attack. I think I've given more of these to Mike than I have actually taken myself but what are fiances for anyway? Eight: Money, money, money. Can't live without it as much as I wish I could. I hate carrying cash on me but I really need to start. Ever notice how it hits much harder when you spend cash rather than just hand over some plastic? It hurts. I've also got countless gift cards with probably $0.36 on them still that I just keep forgetting to use. Nine: Chapstick. I rarely use this in the summer but every now and then it's just good to have on me. Note to self though, don't leave your purse in the car or you'll come back to a purse pocket full of goop. Ten: My pocket knife. Yes, it's a little scary looking and yes, I've read up on the laws. It's totally legal :] It just stays in the car when I go into the Post Office, baseball stadiums, etc. I use it all the time for cutting things and I feel safer with it rather than pepper spray which I would probably spray in my own eye, God forbid I ever have to use it.

What's in your bag?


  1. I have purse envy!!! I love the color your bag, I am totally into cross body bags as well..so easy to lug around :)

  2. I carry a knife like that too, and all of my friends think I'm crazy. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

  3. i love the pocket knife :)


  4. I love those Sharpie pens. I just bought the new Sharpie liquid pencil. Writes and glides on like a pen, but it's graphite and it erases cleanly.
    Love the bag too. I'm a big fan of cross body bags. They're easier to dig into and find things. And they don't fall into your face when you have bend over to look at something like shoulder bags do.

  5. Jen and I carry around a knife as well! Your purse is lovely. And I hear ya on the chapstick, haha.


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