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Holy cow. Where has Septemebr gone!?!? I'm sitting here trying to remember what I've done over the past week and it's just a huge blur. School is more hectic than it has ever been in my 3+ years of being in college. I am just wiped out! Group projects seem to be dragging on and on and are driving me to the brink of a mental break down. I'm hoping October brings saner times and more time for ME. I miss my little blog and I miss crafting :( 

I thought I'd drop by with a few IG photos from the weekend and beginning of this week so you don't think I'm dead or something :] So here's what I've been up to when I'm not waist deep in projects...

This past weekend my roommate and maid of honor, Kayla, and I went over to Wheeling West Virginia for a family gathering of sorts [my family that is]. It was beautiful there, I never wanted to leave... though that could have been because I had massive amounts of work waiting for me back in Ohio :] We lounged around a lot, did some homework, and just hung out with some awesome ladies.

One of the days, we went to this mini zoo on the resort property. It kinda seemed like they had been gifted animals no one else wanted but I loved them all. Especially the lorikeets. I want to steal one every time I go to a zoo. I think I'm a bird lady. I had multiple birds on me at once. This guy up there though was my favorite. He was very friendly. I named him Pete, though once he jumped back up on the branches I couldn't tell him from the others lol.

One odd thing about the resort we stayed at was that the deer were very domesticated. They were so friendly and would almost eat right out of your hand. I probably fed the deer more than I fed myself but who cares!
We did a gift exchange and I got a picnic basket and goodies to go with it. I was beyond thrilled. Remember how our wedding is picnic themed?? I've been wanting a nice picnic basket forever. I'm thinking about re-lining it with green or plum gingham and using it as decoration in the wedding! Our engagement photos are this Friday and you better believe this guy will be displayed in them!

Our old roommate, Colleen, came for a visit on Monday. She graduated a year early and has been sorely missed. We went out for some drinks and chatted about old times, new times, and the future. It was great catching up. Like nothing had changed.

Today is our mid-project critique for this group project... I'm stressed but so very anxious to get it over with so I can have a few days of relaxation. I've been lucky enough that my other classes have stayed pretty mild. Just a paper here and there. Some people have this group project and another project from another class so I can't complain too much. I just want to graduate! We are a third of the way through the semester so wish me luck I can hang in there!

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