DIY Art + a giveaway!

I'm back! I hope everyone's holiday weekend was fabulous! More easy art coming your way! This one is very near and dear to my heart because of my obsession with Airstream trailers. The Airstream Flying Cloud more specifically and my love of road trips. So I'm here to teach you how to make one for yourself AND if you stick around, you can skip the design process and win one painted by me!

What you'll need for this art project is.... a canvas of any size, a road map, mod podge or glue, scissors, paint, a few brushes and a natural sponge brush. You'll also need a little bit of drawing capabilities for the stencil. But don't fret, you could also easily print something off the Internet and cut it out to use :]

Step One: Grab your canvas and use it as a stencil to cut out a rectangle from the map. Make the rectangle slightly smaller than the canvas so no paper hangs over. This will make your life easier, I promise. Step Two: Using the Mod Podge, paint a thin layer of glue directly onto the canvas. Don't let it get to thick or you will have bubbles later on. Step Three: Carefully place the map on the canvas and smooth out the bubbles before painting another thin layer of Mod Podge on the canvas over top of the map. Let it dry. Step Four: Draw out a stencil to use for the painting. You don't need to go with the Airstream Flying Cloud... There are lots of other vintage trailers and campers that would work perfectly as well. The size of your stencil should be slightly under 2/3 of your canvas. Lay it in the corner. Step Five: Carefully sponge paint all around the stencil and on the rest of the canvas. Let it dry. Step Six: After it's dry, remove the stencil and make sure you get off all the paper that has stuck to the paint. Step Seven: Grab a thin brush and white paint and paint on your saying, whatever that might be as well as a wheel for the trailer. Let dry, and wham! You have new killer art!

So! Now that you know how to make this baby, now you can win a smaller 8x10" version for your home! This is perfect for all you love birds out there, road trippers, and vintage trailer lovers. Here's how...

  How to Enter:
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  More Info:
The winner(s) will be chosen using random[dot]org and will be announced this Friday, September 9th at 5:00pm EST. Good luck!


  1. Adorable! I'm sharing this on Facebook with my friends who are also vintage trailer fans. Great idea. Rhonda (

  2. and i just tweeted!
    [look at all these entries ;)]

  3. love the idea! very creative! :D

  4. you&me?
    we love biking. and pizza. and minneapolis. and writing letters ;)

    great canvas ; youre so cool!

  5. tweet! 
    follow you on twitter.

  6. your button = on my blog.

  7. Love this project! I totally have some old maps in a drawer somewhere that I can use to make this! Now all I need is a canvas!

  8. I'm loving this art project!
    We are both movie buffs and I have a huge collection also :)

  9. I follow on bloglovin' as well. :)

  10. oooops. responded to wrong spot. doh!

  11. Woo. This is so cute. What we have in common? I love cats too! I only have one (and our 3 pooches), but she's got plenty of love to go around! :)

  12. Love this craft! I might get anxious and make one before you pick a winner! It's obvious you love your mod-podge & do I! I even got my hubby addicted to canvas crafts now!

  13. follow via google friend thingy (at least i think i am. i'm not 100% sure how it works. either way, i follow you!

  14. dude. your dvd collection is boss! you like movies and i like movies. we have something in common ;)

  15. My email address is shortyiceskater(at)yahoo(dot)com and although I don't know that I'd give myself the title of movie "buff" just yet, I do really really love movies as well =)

  16. I follow you via GFC.

  17. I tweeted about the giveaway today!

  18. I follow you on Twitter.

  19. I added your button on my 'blogs i like' page =)

  20. According to your twitter you are a movie buff and a music nerd and I am definitely both of those things!

  21. Thanks for the tutorial. I will try to do it. :-)  I do not participate in the giveaway


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