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Hi guys! I'm so happy to introduce this month's featured sponsor here on Crafted Love. I'm sure you've seen her around, she is quite the supporter of this little blog and I can't tell you how rad she is :] Lori of What Remains Now is here to show off one of her crafts and tell you a little more about herself. So listen up, pop some pop corn, get our your idea books, and get crafty!

My name is Lori and my blog is What Remains Now where I write about all the things I love.  Crafting is one of the things I love to do and I hope you enjoy this...

McCall’s Pattern #M6047 (This pattern has instructions for 10 different fabric flowers. It is well worth purchasing, if you love fabric flowers.)

Jumbo (5/8″ wide) Rick Rack, Felt, Marker, Scissors, Thread, Needle
Fabric Glue (optional – not in the picture)

1.  Mark and cut a 2-1/2 circle from the felt.

2.  Using a double-threaded needle, tack the end of the rick rack to the outer edge of the felt circle.  I used a little fabric glue on the raw edge to prevent fraying.

3.  Hand gather along one edge of the rick rack, adjust fullness and sew the rick rack to the outer edge of the felt circle.  I sewed through three “bumps,” gathered, then tacked down…repeat.

4.  Continue gathering and sewing the rick rack to the felt circle, overlapping rows.

5.  Turn under the end at the center of the flower and tack down.

6.  What a pretty flower!  Add a pin back to make a lovely accessory or sew on to a pillow that needs a pick-me-up.

Oh my goodness, Lori... this is so cute! I need to make one asap! I have so much rick rack and this would be perfect for sprucing up a plain cardigan for Fall! Thanks for sharing!!!

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  1. This is gorgeous! Found you on Pinterest!

  2. Love it love it, I'll give it a try tha nk you!

  3. Wow live this idea


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